1. I sincerely hope that the snippet which is floating online is a fake, it'd be awesome to get surprised.

  2. Me against the world so what? I'm Brian Dawkins Versus the whole oh and sixteen Lions offense So bring on the Giants, Falcons and Miami Dolphins It's the body bag game bitch, I'm supplying coffins

  3. I'm no conspiracy theorist but somethin' here is a foot..

  4. I installed it but it didn't give me an openable app. Is that normal?

  5. Yup, after installing go to settings-apps-app management-quick device connect. Change the permissions from there.

  6. So do I need to toggle on those perms? They were off when I downloaded it.

  7. Nope, you are good then. Mine was on when I downloaded it.

  8. Yup, it was working fine a couple of days ago but starting yesterday, it's unplayable to say the least. It starts with a little lag and then hangs my entire Android. I tried changing the graphic settings but the situation is not graphic related since it works super smooth for 5 minutes and then just boom, starts hanging out of nowhere. Although my ping remains around 180 ms.

  9. Originally wanted to pull for venti, lost 50/50 at 85. Went to the trial and played the shit out of him, now I am kinda glad I didn't lol, Kazuha guaranteed!

  10. if you want a diluc centric team then make a team using xingqiu, we'll be getting him free next patch. I tried using Raiden-Diluc but it was super clunky, venti made it more easier than kazuha but because he lifts the enemies up in the air, I moved onto diluc-xingqiu-zhongli-kazuha.

  11. I've seen many people say kazuha is very good, but I still don't know what it is in his kit that makes him so?

  12. Not afraid, I was 25 at that time and was going through a lot of stuff, I always took that song like him talking to me one on one if that makes any sense lol

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