Men of Reddit: what’s the creepiest thing a woman has ever said to you?

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  1. Congratulations. I’m going to take my test on Dec. 19th. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Apple cinnamon tea latte-made with vanilla instead of caramel and made with oatmilk!. Steep tea with 3 cream and vanilla syrup. Maple bacon and sausage belt on an everything bagel. Crispy chicken craveble on a white bun with tomato, crispy onions and bacon. Dont really like cold drinks but strawberry watermelon quencher is good :)

  3. I feel you😭😭😭 someone literally ordered 4 take 12 in the app in the middle of a lunch rush hour

  4. CASPER is no longer a requirement for MLT Fall 2023 :)) just the profession specific exam

  5. For the current chicken noodle, we are now required to put a scoop of shredded chicken, like the grilled chicken from the wraps.

  6. Customwrs who complain about prices being raise like sis it aint my fault i just work here lmao. Some people really think the employees be changing the prices😭😭😭

  7. Someone ask for large ice coffee, triple the cream and triple the syrup💀 thats literally 12 pumps of cane

  8. If you don't like their rewards card, you can ask RBC to product transfer you into the MasterCard if they allow it.

  9. Coffee prices have been inflating even before covid, but the price of cooking oil right now hurts. $3.75+/L in most cases, which is over 100% higher than it cost in 2020. Probably the same with beef if I were to take a guess.

  10. Oml yes the cooking oil is crazy! I cant believe those little jugs of no name canola oil is now 11 bucks. I swear they used to be cheaper

  11. its crazy! When i first came to canada the cost of those 18 kg rooster rice was probably around 30 bucks or i think even less than that if its on sale Now theyre around 47 bucks 🥲.

  12. just don't pull on the hose. lord grace. DON'T PULL ON THE HOSE. whatever you do.


  14. We got em back from our location, no more timbiebs thank god

  15. Great! How much time it took you to get your offer letter?

  16. So i applied at around the end of June. Then i had to some entrance exams at around august. Then basically at the end of august it said that my offer declined due to missing requirements? But again i checked about 2 days ago and i got in :) im in a healthcare program btw, so it may differ to you

  17. Dont be afraid to ask questions to your coworkers! And if youre not sure about an order, ask the customer to look at the screen or you can repeat the order. Go at your own pace, and do not rush yourself. Oh! And when its not busy and youre an order taker in the counter, i would recommend scanning and memorizing the POS. And lastly dont be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes :)

  18. i just did it and it was plug in and use. SUPER easy.

  19. Hey! If you dont mind, may i ask how much you pay per month?

  20. I have a concurrent customer bonus and student pricing for their best service they'd offer me. I pay 40 bucks a month, which is less than half of the cost I think regular was 100 or something.

  21. We hve the candy, maple syrup, maple butter and the nesprosso pods things

  22. yikes. I knew someone that had a similar situation from yours. So this someone was hanging out with their cousin and the s/o of this someone got mad because they were in the same room like what the f? Anyways you're nta

  23. Some woman asked me to stick my tongue out and then said you gonna make someone really happy with that big tongue of yours. I was 9 ..

  24. Timothy Chalamet like I'm really sorry I dint find him attractive at all🥲

  25. Good ass winter jacket for those toasty -40 Celsius weather s

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