1. i get that, i was depressed af last year when i moved here (i was a junior then too). super lonely, super anxious, did terrible academically. i had never gotten that bad in my life. i did seek therapy and all, but what trulyyy worked is changing my mindset. my best advice is to remember that you are alive, and that everyone else is a human like you too. it sounds so silly to say, because it's obvious. but at the time i didn't think about things that way. I thought everyone else was always one step ahead of me, with their shit figured out. i felt so behind and out of place. but once i started thinking about life as just that, life, things started feeling better. we are just one person out of billions, and the fact that we get to witness what it's like to live in the 2020s is awesome. essentially optimistic nihilism.

  2. I guess just be honest with them, your SO should be prioritizing your well being over their friends’

  3. unless this is a fairly new relationship. i know i would trust my best friends' intuition more than my new partner

  4. theres no assigned seats, so go early if u wanna be able to choose a good one

  5. U GOT THIS. remind yourself everythingggg in this life is temporary. nothing lasts forever! next thing you know you're 35 with your own apartment laughing about that time you were in college and had shitty roommates. u got this u got this.

  6. Whattt??? Lol pushing thru it is an option, but… if you can make it better why not?

  7. of course! I'm not telling OP to not do anything if they could. I'm just giving them hope!

  8. is there a reason why you want to do it specifically on campus? campus is beautiful and all but it feels academic. why not go to a cuter place?

  9. yes! i’ve been ordering food ever since i got here, i just give them very specific instructions and they deliver the food straight to my door

  10. is there a code at the gate for your apartment building? I'd like for the food to be delivered at my door too but I always have to go down and open the gate for them lol. I don't know if our apartment building has a code, I just use my bruin card

  11. Oh my b. I didn’t realize you were so stupid that you couldn’t read between the lines of my comment. Let me clarify so troglodytes like yourself are able to understand it. What I was REALLY trying to say was this pink panther person is a joke of an artist, and we should be getting someone better as our headliner.

  12. video of a girl in my school started circulating after i graduated. she was... doing things to her dog.

  13. but how did you find out? i still haven't found out who mine are

  14. If it says sold in description I’m smart enough to not buy it lmao. Sorry others can’t read

  15. "i'm smart enough" and "sorry others can't read" but you couldn't read depop policies? lol. hope your account gets banned. you're equally as scummy as the person on the post

  16. ohhhh okok my bad then! see, I didn't know you were a graduate student, that changes everything!!! next time anyone wants to post something on this sub ill make sure to tell them to run it by you so you can approve of it. we obviously dont want to see any side profiles on reddit!!! how embarrassing for me 😰

  17. "sweetheart" LMFAO. i love how you keep trying to make yourself feel superior by not only mentioning you're a graduate student but also calling me condescending names🥺 you're super intimidating actually! work on ur issues bud. social media isn't yours. have a good rest of ur day

  18. holy fuck at least get a throwaway account......

  19. Libraries are public, anyone can go. But check the summer schedule. I don’t know Powell but for example Young closes on the weekends and earlier during the week

  20. powell closes during weekends too, i went yesterday lol

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