1. when they added herding behavior is when the game got more elegant

  2. **Let it be known that these photos are a result of a mod and not in the base game. Though there is herding in the base game, it currently has limitations such as smaller herd sizes and only grouping of the same species. Simple mods have shown to be incredibly affective in adding additional herding behaviors to dinosaur such as group resting, group socials, even group special behavior such as paras/stegosaurus rolling/doing special behaviors together. There’s also modding for better and more realistic hunting.

  3. I mean, this shoudln't come as a suprise. The Leak that happened with the CC pack confirmed support until march 2024. So it was quite Obvious, that we get full support for 2023.

  4. What leak tho? Keep hearing about it but have never seen nor heard of anything.

  5. Just keep in mind, although it says CY2023 (Calendar Year) it might not mean the FULL 2023 year. We know it's JP's 30yr anniversary this year, so I think content up until at least June/ July makes total sense.

  6. If it didn’t last the entire year it would say FY2023, which ends usually four months before the end of the year. Calendar Year usually refers to the entire year.

  7. I feel like it’s probably something that’s in the works. Frontier likes to do things that way, and make it seem like they are working harder then they are by adding it in a later update. No hate against them at all, it’s just happened in the past a few times!

  8. Irrelevant but, Do you work in a zoo environment? I’ve always been curious what ppl with zoology degrees work?

  9. I’m currently an assistant marine mammal trainer, working with dolphins and sea lions!

  10. Wow that’s amazing! Does that gig pay pretty well?? That’s always been a fear of mine, the pay with working with animals. I love all animals, but also don’t want to be living paycheck to paycheck? Do you get paid well?

  11. No I’m an animal trainer that’s a real dolphin lol

  12. That last picture is so cool! I don’t know if anyone pays close enough attention, but the Gali’s and Struthi’s and some of the others will almost flock together when they are panicking. It’s pretty cool!

  13. Absolutely it’s not, this is referencing the mosasaur feeding show and having a spino feeding show instead.

  14. Tried to recreate some Jurassic magic with one of my favorite themes from JWD.


  16. That would be a dope ass easter egg if you could hear the phone ringing when next to one of your spinos

  17. Basically it’s already in game, your dinosaurs can get ‘swallowed cell phone’ as a disease/ailment. I just haven’t had it happen to a spino in sandbox yet.

  18. Lovely capture. Definitely better than any I've taken!

  19. I mean, like, are they outside of the aviary?

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