1. That last picture is so cool! I don’t know if anyone pays close enough attention, but the Gali’s and Struthi’s and some of the others will almost flock together when they are panicking. It’s pretty cool!

  2. Absolutely it’s not, this is referencing the mosasaur feeding show and having a spino feeding show instead.

  3. Tried to recreate some Jurassic magic with one of my favorite themes from JWD.


  5. That would be a dope ass easter egg if you could hear the phone ringing when next to one of your spinos

  6. Basically it’s already in game, your dinosaurs can get ‘swallowed cell phone’ as a disease/ailment. I just haven’t had it happen to a spino in sandbox yet.

  7. Lovely capture. Definitely better than any I've taken!

  8. I mean, like, are they outside of the aviary?

  9. I think we should also factor in that, sales wise, this game is a failure compared to its predecessor.

  10. Well I mean the fact it didn’t get pushed out the same as the last JW movie was probably not the best for its sales. I know so many people who didn’t even know a sequel to the first even existed. Also I know they sold at least 1.3 million copies, so that’s something for them. It would be a shame if they didn’t improve this game to its full potential, because to me, this game is far superior then the first.

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