1. I agree 💯 with her message but not her rapping skilks

  2. Hungary has produced some of the hottest foot fetish porn stars!!!! Sophie Moone, Mya Diamond etc. I Hungary feet

  3. Birkenstocks!!!!!! Beautiful feet might be attached to them, to me, those shoes look like they belong to dirty ass people that don’t shower, hippies, lol

  4. Nah he’s told me that he wants me to fuck her and she wants to fuck me

  5. SouthPark Mr. Garrison said it best, “I spent $5k to become a woman and all I am is man with a mutilated penis.” 😂😂💯

  6. That house of dragon scene was cool, even though they didn't make justice with toes position and angle. The last feet scene I saw was on she hulk show, random soles-toes reveals here and there

  7. This is the WORST foot fetish scene EVER!!!! Make a big deal out of this bull shit scene

  8. This is worst foot fetish scene EVER!!!!! Sorry ass scene.

  9. No I don’t get it. I have only paid for foot worship sessions.

  10. Same here, simple good old foot worship is perfect

  11. Kristen bell getting her feet deep throated in House of Lies

  12. Hahhahahah, as a guy with a foot fetish, as long as there feet are pretty I wouldn’t care. If their feet were nasty then yeah get those down

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