1. No pun intended 🤣 Sorry no offence intended. Just gallows humour as a coping strategy. Time for bed perhaps. Wishing you all the best with it 😀👍🏻

  2. Private doctors are still most likely general practitioners & therefore lack any specialist insight into bespoke or alternative cfs treatment options.

  3. No ethical therapist tries yo psychologize a physical condition. Leave. And tell her why.

  4. And put what you tell her in writing & post what you’ve written as a comment on her social media.

  5. This is sadly very true. I’d say about half of the people I studied psych with were not in a good place to be therapists themselves. I’m sure a lot didn’t make it in private practice, but I’m guessing some are out there with clients. Also, when a therapist is a professor or in the academic world, they are often better at the academic side than the caring, listening side. Try to get a therapist that’s not mostly a teacher.

  6. Yeah, I’ve not been drinking enough water during the last 5 days. I’ve been in the realm of PEM & “The All Consuming Malaise” has swept in.

  7. We would take too many breaks. Even the union guys would get uneasy and ask us to get back to work lol

  8. I’m not still on break, I’m thinking [get a mental picture of the windows blue wheel of death rotating for several hours & then stopping with no discernible outcome] 🤣🤣🤣

  9. With time (6 years) I’ve learned to be selective about how much I tell others about how sick I feel.

  10. A lawyer?!! Of my gosh 😱 How awful that someone living with the burden of cfs would need a lawyer to advocate for them?!

  11. We need lawyers because our applications often are denied for the first few rounds, and lawyers expedite the process. They get paid 25% of the back pay, after we win, usually after 1.5 years of applying.

  12. Thanks for sharing your experience. Very helpful. There’s a lot of good advice I’m taking away from your post & I’m going to reduce my caffeine intake (2 freshly brewed mugs daily upon waking 😱) & then that’s it for the day but I love it so but must drink in moderation & reducing consumption across a week I’ll be trying that for sure.

  13. Congratulations! Us Incels might as well be living on another planet, cos that definitely isn’t gonna happen for us. No matter, I’m very pleased for you both xx

  14. It sends a signal via satellite to a small Semtex bomb attached to the Kim Jong-un household’s plumbing system.

  15. My hair gets really oily after a couple of days. I mentioned in another comment. I think my only option is to move to washing every 2 days if I keep it long 😔. I’ve tried a few different methods.

  16. Yeah, maybe worth exploring some quality hair products to help manage your hair.

  17. Just, don’t you dare get it cut short! Stay long, even if the short hair crave-force is strong. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it!

  18. Take a week off work “sick” & scoop the puddle up every time it rains. But, safety first, use orange traffic cones & wear a high vis vest. Be sure to disguise yourself to avoid being recognised by any work colleagues 😀👍🏻

  19. Op could write a note, photocopy it and put it all the way up wilbraham road.

  20. This is a great idea. I watched a season or two of Midsomar Murders a few years ago. I haven’t seen the others but I’ll give them a try! Thanks friend!

  21. Some friends with cfs swear by the therapeutic value of Murder She Wrote 👍🏻

  22. I for one, would welcome those AI overlords. Sounds like a significant upgrade on the way people are cared for in my neck of the woods!

  23. I hear you & very much share your opinion 😀 I wrote from the perspective of one who has experienced terrible, substandard treatment by humanoid domiciliary care providers these past couple of years, part funded by my local authority.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences, this sounds so rough for everyone involved. :(

  25. In addition to all the other good advice an electric blanket definitely helps for me. I use it to warm the bed, before climbing in. I sometimes leave the blanket on it’s lowest or close to lowest setting over night.

  26. "Just make sure you're clean and smell good. And not a dick"

  27. And remember, when it comes to smelling good yes shower etc but not too much cologne! Less is more, so she catches a waft but doesn’t end up with a migraine half way through the date! Apart from that, you’ve already got a rockin’ good look, your hair is great just as it is. Hope you have an amazing date. We’re all rooting for you, (hair) no pun intended!

  28. Edit: the order of my posts requires the reader to start at the bottom & work their way up, so to speak 😲 This is by far my longest post ever & I can’t be bothered to delete & re-paste 🤣

  29. 4/4 These doctors follow an “evidence based” system of practice. Ambiguous, fluctuating physical symptoms of fatigue or even significant fatigue in combination with other symptoms that seem to come & go often seem too vague for them to label as cfs.

  30. 3/4 What I think happens for me, as someone with cfs, is that it’s a physical double whammy.

  31. But what if “the very next day they gave it away” ?

  32. Maybe that’s their cunning plan. That someone would make them an offer to buy the rights back & they could make a massive profit. Who might do that though? The plot thickens.

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