1. Im sorry to hear your and your doggos news.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. You are going to make me cry.

  3. If it helps, the one I use is phD smart plant protein, hope it works out for you!

  4. It’s already been to $28, more shorts have been added since then, so I’ll be looking for a lot more than that!

  5. Not sure how reliable the data is from fintel but says 72% short. I’m pretty sure shorts can be hidden too from what I’ve read.

  6. Omg they’re so good. Even my omni housemate buys them!

  7. As someone who is a prick, I object to this

  8. Watch how fast I offer Roger a lifetime supply of free handies it that turns of to be true.

  9. The Mexicana is nice melted in a tomato based sauce for some spiciness!

  10. They’re no longer street dogs, they’re now you best friends forever!

  11. So the answer must be YES, if its the case of ‘system is risk’

  12. I like to be different so I’m gonna give it a ☑️

  13. I dropped £500 Tuesday, though feeling left out, so will look to see if I can scrape another £500 tomorrow

  14. We've all been at that stage the first time we change our old ways, because it is huge. I think as time goes on those values only get stronger. Welcome and keep at it!! 💚🌱

  15. Can confirm, they defo do get stronger 😀

  16. Shorts never closed. The ones that sold were hustled. They’ll be roaring back.

  17. It seems the shorts don’t know when to stop!

  18. Seems like we’re all addicted to this casino!

  19. When I first turned vegan, one of the first things I done was rescue 4 hens.

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