1. It's a return ticket back to sheffield from London

  2. Wait, I managed to speak to nocticula, thank you!

  3. 60 billions doesn't sound as much. It's like 1,4 twitters

  4. Hurt Ukraine and the global image of nuclear power at the same time. Oh Russia you sly dog

  5. In the first few chapters and through sololeveling we hear about how low ranking hunters like sung jin woo can't afford weapons so they have to fight with their fists, but we repeatedly see low level monsters like goblins with weapons, so why can't the hunters just just the weapons of dead monsters, sure they may not be as good as human crafted weapons, but they have to be better than nothing right?

  6. You are looking too deep, but hey I have a lore answer:

  7. I will eat my hat if Crimea ever returns to Ukraine. Ill do so gladly, but I really dont think thats in the works.

  8. Before anyone starts calling this white phosphorus:

  9. So is this one of the bombs forbidden by the Geneva convention?

  10. Hmmm, I have seen many answers but something is missing from here.

  11. 25k killed and 75k wounded it's far too low of an estimate.

  12. Why? Making rash decisions based on speculation would be foolish. The russians have shown what banzai- charging without thinking accomplishes

  13. I have been following what sky news says on their channels for a while. You may be /s, but I'm just stating

  14. Well ok, but it's not just them stating we need to establish the facts first.

  15. I agree that an investigation needs to be done, yes. but I abide by my comment and opinion on sky news partiality

  16. The demon city has a ton of very strong items to buy. Check the merchants in the fleshmarkets and they'll sell some great shit.

  17. Everyone is dead in the flesh markets

  18. Damn son Ukraine even set up like 3 different camera angles.

  19. Column of Russians be like: why do I hear boss music?

  20. No, there aren't. Americans think that their great great great grandparents migrating to America makes them Irish. It doesn't. You're American.

  21. Exciuuuse moiii. You are Irish Englishman right?

  22. *there are more people of Irish descent in the USA than in Ireland.

  23. Was thinking of buying the game, now I won't.

  24. Kherson is the only regional capital taken by the Russian army in Ukraine after eight months of war. Having control of Kherson also allows Russia to secure Crimea.

  25. Many people say similar things to what you say, I honestly think even though it's going to be a moral and strategic victory, people are overstimating the impact that this will have on the Russian heads

  26. Well you had a good candidate, but he's in jail now. At this point the best situation for Russian people would be to change putin for someone who retreats, and attempts to negotiate a somewhat reasonable reparations plus peace. This will avoid further russian deaths and fall into the economical pit even further.

  27. Yeah I agree. I even said as much in another comment. Inspections that were actually carried out properly would be a godsend.

  28. I'm not particularly in favour of the "secret shopper" model that seems rampant in the US (this I know little, I know mainly from US pop culture). Regardless, I don't understand why it couldn't be public made inspections. People that go with their cars will have to pay a fee, instead of paying it to a private entity, which may be devious, not pay taxes, not have legally enrolled employees, will need the secret shopper inneficiency, etc... you just pay the fee to the government, you are assured that previously listed problems go away

  29. And you think that we don't have the problem with idiots blinding everyone? You only need to have it alligned at the day of revision to pass, then you have 364/729 days where it's whatever as long as you don't blind a cop at night.

  30. Yep, some people do that in Europe, but you drastically reduce the chances of encountering that. You also avoid people going around with flat tires (as in no guiding marks due to overuse). You also avoid illegal add-ons that may put people in danger due to sharp corners, sight blocking, etc. You also avoid having cars leaking oil or other hazardous products. You also avoid cars with vital broken parts like steering and so on. You also force people to renew their headlights so they are all working. You can also avoid cars that have high emissions.

  31. Temperature can be thought of as the speed of atoms. At -273 Celsius atoms would stop, since they can’t get slower than not moving that’s the coldest it can get.

  32. But what if they like move backwards, like reverse on a car

  33. Thanks for this, it's really fascinating seeing how they justify things.

  34. They would, but then they would blame a mine or whatever, then they would say it's not a big deal, then they would say it's their right or something

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