1. I like ALTR downtown! They preach inclusivity and accepting everyone. I feel like they’d be a good vibe and do what you want! I currently go to Jill and love her!

  2. I’m Team B, and I would eat each individually, even tastier if they don’t touch!

  3. I miss Total Drama. They’d have a field day with Leo being fired from the Tech Guy show yesterday.

  4. It's badly designed, really over the top, and nitpicky at times, but

  5. It’s too bad TotalDrama stopped following Leo’s shenanigans

  6. Now seeing it be widespread across other 807 numbers with other providers, may be something larger at play outside

  7. It really depends on a lot of factors. Insurance, licensing, reputation, timeliness, frequency, guarantees, price, pickup/dropoff logistics. Honestly, if I had to do frequent shipping I would probably choose a well-known hauling company. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

  8. Start with solid insurance and a reliable vehicle, then get a good website that makes you look professional and offer tracking (which wouldn't be hard with a few standard plugins). And then I think you'd do well.

  9. This is why premarital classes are a good idea, it encourages the difficult financial discussions. I’d take some financial planning courses with him.

  10. I have experience with commercial leases, ask a lawyer to review it

  11. I second TCL, but really go into Best Buy and look at them yourself and see what your eyes find the most appealing for your desired budget.

  12. Done Rite sort of, but Halfway Nissan has a BMW set of tools and the scanner. Wakefield also does some work on them.

  13. Welcome, when I had an Audi, I would sometimes get the work done at VW, but get a quote, they may work on it too. Hope it's nothing costly.

  14. Sewing Place does good work, they replaced a zipper on a parka a few years back, am super happy with their work.

  15. The world has to know, I want to serve them at Christmas.

  16. It’s just an off brand of baileys and food coloring. I use to work there.

  17. Terrible in the Victoriaville area, especially in buildings with three phase power.

  18. Eat Local worst employer ? You must have some sort of personal grudge. I’ve worked there for 6 years and everyone who works there loves it there. We have a great team, creative control, staff parties, benefits and they match the living wage. I’m not going to share my wage here but it’s more then any restaurant would ever pay me for my level of education. I’ve worked at many restaurants and Eat local is the best work environment I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of.

  19. No grudge, just an honest experience. But don't take my word for it, seems many others have had similar experiences.

  20. No, no grudge. You can entirely discount my opinion, others have shared very similar views and experiences. People are free to draw their own conclusions.

  21. Part of your policy's wording (almost certainly) states that you have to take reasonable steps to prevent property loss. For example, if you have equipment stolen from the car because you left it unlocked, that's on you.

  22. I figured as much, I also don't know how comfortable I am with the unknown of a set of keys floating around! It would be different if they weren't lost immediately behind the vehicle, but the opportunity is so great.

  23. He is really only interested in positions of power, a terrible manager, and misapropreates funds. He's alienated most of the LGBTQ community with his time on pride. Overall a bit of a snake in the grass

  24. I’ve driven Hwy 17 from Sudbury to Manitoba, once. Honestly, the worst stretch for services is Thunder Bay to Dryden - and it’s also the most boring part of the drive. The only “town” in between is Ignace, and there isn’t even a coffee shop there, just a general store that serves stale McDonald’s coffee. At least between the Sault and Thunder Bay, there’s places like Wawa, White River, Marathon, Terrace Bay and Nipigon.

  25. Ahem, Upsala has a gas bar with good food albeit short opening hours. Always gas up in Thunder Bay and/or Dryden depending on your direction of travel. In winter months, pack a shovel, winter clothing and food.

  26. Where are the Northern Ontario Mountains? We have hills.

  27. How did this ever make it to CBC? This is an annual joke.

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