My body is covered head to toe in severe Psoriasis--AMA

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  1. I think she was fine in the first Wonder Woman bc that sort of suited the fish out of water situation the character found herself in. Definitely got old by the second one though

  2. Yeah for the second one it's like "well I guess quirky people work in museums" but it felt hard to believe she blended in as a normal human in society for 50+ years. And also Justice League when she's trying to deliver her girl boss feminist line... it could have been a cool cheesy moment but she just can't sell it.

  3. It's my personal opinion that his advice makes since it some markets where interest is high and returns are low. If you pay off your mortgage early, you may save the 3% in interest, but might miss out on a 6% return in the stock market. Also if interest is at 3% and inflation is at 6%, it's actually beneficial to hold off on paying that loan. Are you taking a loan out on your equity to access the funds early?

  4. I mean the interest rates were closer to five when I finished paying off the house. And I'm not accessing the funds early, equity in my house is just something I have as rent prices go up everywhere else. I can sell it when I want to retire but not having to pay taxes like I do with a brokerage account is kind of nice.

  5. I agree with that approach then. My student loan interest is at 3.5%. We bought our house in November of last year and got a mortgage at 3.125. Now mortgage rates are like 6% and house prices are ridiculous. I got a huge raise for inflation so I am in a better position now, because I'm paying a smaller mortgage payment than I would be if I would've waited.

  6. Haha yeah I graduated in 2014 and it's amazing how quickly the economy changes... so 2014-18 paid off loans/saved up downpayment money. 2018 bought house. Paid off house in 2021 (interest rates got really low when we were close to finishing) and now we put our extra money beyond 401K limits in a brokerage.

  7. I have an idiot friend who has been terrible all through my journey in different ways. Recently, she tells me all about her sisters twins and wanted me to come meet them. I give negative fucks about this friends sisters kids.

  8. Idk why but twins are especially tough to deal with. Objectively I know there can be inherent risks to twins and they can even be the result of fertility treatment, but my angry mind just sees them as a buy one get one free deal.

  9. CD8. Had a dream that I had a gender reveal party. ( Blue balloons ) Later in the dream I was holding my baby boy. A little sad waking up this morning knowing there's not even a chance that I'm pregnant right now. Went back to sleep for a little bit and dreamt about telling my sister ( who both irl and in dream world doesn't know we are TTC ) about the gender reveal dream. Bleh.

  10. At the risk of psychoanalyzing, maybe it's a sign you want to talk to your sister about trying to conceive? If you build yourself a bingo/advice shield, sometimes the openness of telling can be better than holding it in. Plus hurtful comments can make for great memes :P

  11. Anyone else get freaked out as it became time to actually start trying for the first time? I’m full of nerves over here. I want to have kids, I feel emotionally prepared to have kids, and my childhood was not great. My parents thought they were ready and they totally weren’t. I’ve been in therapy for years and years, talk with my partner openly, (heck, professionally I specialize in personality development in infancy and early childhood!!) and I think whenever we started trying I would still be feeling the same way…. It’s a huge undertaking that will change my life forever when it finally happens! I’m happy-hopeful-scared, but still scared. Just wondering if anyone can relate.

  12. Yes! Honestly I think the more you know about children the more you understand what having a baby entails. It's hard to shake the anxiety even if you want it. And even if things are great on your end, becoming a parent will bring other random family stuff out of the woodwork.

  13. Late 90s/early 2000s for me and honestly some of this is younger than preteen, but really important thing was working out with your in person friend group that each person had a favorite. For NSync, I was designated to be married to Lance Bass. For Spice Girls, I was Scary Spice. (wore glasses) Needless to say I was not the alpha of my friend group lol.

  14. Maybe a flexible schedule/different working hours? Think "I'd like to leave at 4:30 every day to beat traffic on the days that I come into the office."

  15. 1200isPlenty is pretty sketchy. 1200 calories IS NOT PLENTY for virtually all adults. That’s eating disorder fuel.

  16. I can eat way more than 1200 calories since I'm 5'9" and kind of muscular/let myself be closer to the high end of "normal" BMI... but I love that subreddit because they're like the only ones who count calories. There were other calorie counting subreddits (1500isplenty and such) that never really took off and the fasting subreddits get REALLY bad. I kind of like the food concoctions they come up with although I've definitely realized halo top is gross.

  17. I'm sure she has some unresolved issues with how she was treated in that instance and didn't want her son to go through the same thing. Doesn't excuse her bizarre "management" of the situation, but it may help explain it.

  18. Right? I feel like everyone forgot the barefoot in a gas station backlash. Parents are super strict to scold kids on things they've suffered consequences for in the past... I'm sure Britney could imagine the media/twitterverse being like "Look at Britney's kid with his giant feet all exposed." and of course making the usual creepy comments about big feet. She probably wants to protect them from scrutiny and sexualization but it's hard to explain properly especially in the heat of the moment.

  19. Idk I unsubbed from that one after an annoying "having a baby is just the best, now I can live simply!" post but a lot of it was just "my job is so easy I can live simply" or "I live in the country and bought land real cheap" or random stuff about bikeable places. I feel like this subreddit gives more actual advice about trying to live more minimally.

  20. Actually sell it. Seriously the hassle of dealing with Facebook marketplace strangers, ebay, and all the other platforms will keep you from buying stuff in the future. Learning how worthless physical objects are the second they leave a store is priceless.

  21. I don't know if it makes sense to just label everything Britney does as "mental health." Like if some random 40-year-old mom posted about her teenage sons being moody and spending time in their room on their Facebook page, no one would bat an eyelash. But Britney's been put on this pedestal thanks to the movement.

  22. Just an ADHD vent, but it's tough going from "oh no negative test, here's my period" wallowing and "oh shit I probably need more letrozole!" Had to talk to my nurse, gotta run to Walgreens tonight, scheduled my Cycle Day 12 monitoring, have to remember to take letrozole for five days.

  23. Fellow ADHD-er here! I had to cease my Ritalin and we decided not to commence me on a different med for now, and life is just that much harder because of it :/

  24. Oof that's rough. I admit I'm probably going to go off Adderall if I ever see a positive... I used to lurk

  25. Oh shit this one actually fits the "American dream" rags to riches ideals. Also loved living vicariously through the food choices... this one made it easy to google and daydream a trip to Chicago.

  26. Is it an attorney job? Is there a licensing issue like you're not barred in that state? I'm just an insurance defense attorney who does litigation so probably biased but 75K sounds low for three years experience even in a low cost of living state.

  27. I told my manager that I don’t see myself still being a software engineer in 10 years and his immediate response was an assumption about me wanting to start a family/become a mother.

  28. Is it sexist? Hell yeah. But "work life balance" is kind of the classic "it's not you, it's me" breakup line of saying you're dissatisfied with a job. So he probably meant well and was trying to rationalize why you would tell him you don't want to engage in your current job ten years from now.

  29. I’m sad how little the average woman knows about her body and I’m so grateful to this sub. I found out a coworker is also TTC and seemed to be open to talking about it. I was super excited because I only talk to my husband and this sub about it. Turns out she’s 37 and has been trying for 2 years. Just starting a basic workout with an OB now and had never even heard of OPKs and was relaying on an app to predict ovulation. I told her the basics about temping and OPKs and highly recommend she move into an RE sooner rather than later. She was so happy with what I was able to teach her (I even showed her my FF chart to try and explain temping and blushed when I remembered sex is marked on there 😂, hopefully she couldn’t tell from a scan). I just wish we were taught more from the get go and the burden wasn’t on us figure it all out, especially since people are starting so much later in life and time can be such a factor.

  30. Oh yeah I'm a lawyer and I swear people trying at 35 or later is the norm. Actually had a friend who was like "yep started trying around 35, we tried for two years and went in for treatment and was told to try ovulation tests, then I took OPK tests and it turns out I ovulated early!!!!" So she found out she was ovulating at like CD9 or something insanely early (which apparently is more common as you get older) and now she has two healthy kids.

  31. Just got my first bill for my HCG and progesterone tests from my early miscarriage. For one blood test, only the lab they billed $800. I only have to pay $70, but this doesn’t include the physician bill ($700, amount I owe still processing, but I only spoke to a nurse not the ob except for one email) and is only ONE of the 2 tests. It looks like it will be $300 total? Omg US healthcare is insane. I’m European and cannot comprehend this. It will make me reluctant to get my HCG tested if I get pregnant again….

  32. One, sorry for your loss. Two, yeah healthcare in the United States is wonky. My sister in law had a loss before she had a successful pregnancy (swear this isn't a bingo) and the labor and delivery bill was CHEAPER than the hospital bill for getting checked out during her miscarriage.

  33. That’s exactly what it is. Concern trolling. “Haha she looks like a 40 year old crack addict wine mom hag with botox. Oh I’m just concerned for her, her stylist tries so hard to make her look older than she is!” Like yes, we get it, but imagine thousands of grown adults constantly saying that about your appearance when you’re a teen. Imagine how that wrecks your self image. You’re making things so much worse.

  34. Right? When I was Eleven (sorry couldn’t help myself) I tried to dress as adult as possible. It’s part of growing up and discovering your identity. The days of Dakota Fanning dressing for the red carpet and wearing flower girl/junior bridesmaid level age appropriate looks are long gone… let a young person figure out what they want instead of dressing to please the sensibilities of others.

  35. I kinda like the “euphoria” style looks of light/minimal face makeup and wild carefree eyeshadow. It helps me go through my current collection and honestly keeps me looking younger than a full face would look since I’m following youthful trends and not caking foundation in my wrinkles lol.

  36. Sibling comparison drama is one of the most universal truths of all time (half the reason I'm aiming for "oneanddone" when/if I ever get pregnant) so don't sweat it.

  37. That’s because neutral headphones look like hearing aids 💀

  38. Yeah the wireless ones are super hearing aid reminiscent. I mean I guess people would hate you less than being the person who always wears airpods, but I really don't wanna appropriate the hard of hearing community.

  39. Wow that's crazy. My 7 year old son struggled with fine motor skills but is 2 years ahead for reading and maths, very sporty & social. Lucky he's our oldest as he got into a private school and now they have to take our shy, more normal younger daughters. We didn't do anything special but sent him to a lovely play based learning pre school from 18 months old (nanny before that), read to him 2-5 books a day from birth and filled his life with love and lots of play. Especially outdoor play. But honestly it's just genetics and luck. Smart parents usually make smart kids.

  40. Haha yeah genetics and luck definitely play a part… for what it’s worth my fine motor skills challenged brother makes six figures in a low cost of living area at age 25 since he’s a software engineer who rose up to management level.

  41. I went to private school in the Midwest and even their schools can be competitive sometimes. My younger brother didn’t get into a 25k per year private school for preschool/pre-k because his fine motor skills were lacking. So I’d probably join the

  42. 10dpo and I have heartburn. Obviously my brain has convinced me that it’s from being pregnant and nothing to do with the copious amounts of dairy I’ve consumed over the last 24 hours.

  43. Haha oh I had a lot of heartburn during this most recent two week wait... ended in a period, but any new symptom's gotta be a sign, right? I tried to find a lot of hope even though most of the articles were like "this is a sign you're in your third trimester" lol

  44. How do you all feel about coffee and alcohol when TTC? I’m 6dpo and still having a good amount of coffee daily- although I did switch to half caff. I also have been enjoying wine and cocktails often this cycle. Never to the point of getting drunk- at most 3 drinks a night. I like to live life! But I don’t want to be hurting my chances… any insight?

  45. So my coffee and alcohol usage STRONGLY vary based on where I am in my cycle. Period/pre-ovulation I basically have fun with it. After ovulation I lower my caffeine amounts to pregnancy levels if possible (under 200 milligrams) and I skip drinking entirely or stick to drivable amounts of alcohol if a weekend falls on like... 8dpo.

  46. The musical adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada, with music by Elton John, lyrics by Shaina Taub, and a book by Kate Wetherhead

  47. Anyone give it a listen? I'm a sucker for Elton John scores so if there's a random "It's Great to be a God" from Road to El Dorado type banger I'd probably like it even if critics hate it. Even Elton John running around singing "El Doooorado" is pretty enjoyable

  48. Every wedding dj buys Single Ladies once and then plays it unlimited times for every bouquet toss, never using spotify. /s/ But seriously between that and her duet version of Perfect with Ed Sheeran she's a wedding staple.

  49. See my optimistic ass would be like "no indent? that must mean there's no spot for the positive to form!" and then look up FRER recalls and comparisons/packaging for an hour... but yeah glad to see a meme from other people who like playing pretend with indent lines lol

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