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  1. Seconding this - it's freemium as well but they have more than enough free content to justify using it including a customizable meditation timer if you don't want to rely on guided meditations. I've been using it for 3 years and haven''t spent a dime

  2. Appearance wise - any rabbit with blue/grey or black in their color scheme - it's such a pretty color on any animal

  3. Suffering a bit of FOMO right now since I use Amazon Music, and swear their Year in Review playlist is a scam because I listened to A LOT more ESC music than what showed up on my list but I did get a bit of Eurovision representation For each ESC artist I got:

  4. I'd say to a cat. The intelligence is there but won't be shown to us hoomins just because we want to.

  5. This. The parallels between the antics of my bun and the clinic cats at my job are uncanny... jumping from high places, sitting on my laptop, devising elaborate escape plans all for the sake of attention... Some days I question to myself whether I'm dealing with a bun instead of 2 cats at work or a cat instead of 2 buns at home.

  6. I think it's truly a context-sensitive situation. I've heard many stories where brood rabbits, even those meant for show are met with some horrific fates once they are no longer useful, from being dumped, slaughtered, to even being sold as bait/food for predator species, so in those cases, getting any rabbit out of a situation means giving them a better life. In cases where the breeder decides to sell the rabbit, I think it's a bit more complicated. I don't know much about food rabbits but like your buns, two of mine have a similar story.

  7. I wouldn't worry at all! She's a perfect little girl! Some buns are just born smaller than others. My Sunshine was so tiny that I had to wait until she was a year old for her spay because the vet said she was too small for the procedure, and it was just a genetic difference. My other two hollands Coconut, who was just three months older, and Espresso, my current bun were/are double her size and there was no difference in the care they received.

  8. So exciting! My local station starts their Christmas music today at 5pm And I'm counting down the hours!!

  9. Harney and Sons Vanilla Comoro - I swear it tastes like a shortbread cookie

  10. What a pretty girl! (With the absolute best name - FFVIII is amazing!) Congrats to you both!

  11. Gjon takes his time, but when he does release music it is simply magnifique! Love the song!

  12. I know, right?! He's the definition of quality over quantity as an artist.

  13. Mine was just recently adopted (he's only been here about 2-3 weeks) - he's a neglected Craigslist rescue and he's still intact. For financial and safety purposes, I'm waiting to get him neutered and until he's fully vaccinated against RHDV2 before I even think of bonding him. I also want to be sure that I can financially support both of them in the case of a vet emergency. I also have a senior dog, so I like to have a big enough cushion to care for all pets comfortably before taking on another one. In the meantime, he's around me most of the day. His x pen is next to my bed, and I do my work on the floor to keep him company while I'm home. I try to put as much enrichment as possible in his pen, and I'm also looking into clicker training.

  14. I love this so much! Huge congrats on the new job!! It's amazing how chamomile has so much GOOD in it! I've been neglecting my chamomile in favor of other herbal teas but this makes me want to give it a try again. Do you have a favorite brand?

  15. As someone who lost both of my buns within the past year, I've learned not to focus on the inevitability of death, but to focus on enjoying the little moments that I'll always be able to remember later on. I lost my last bun, Sunshine, just a week and a half ago, and while I still feel a huge void in my life that she's gone, I don't have any regrets about her - I cherished every day I had with her and even though both her and my other bun, Coconut were only with me for 2-2.5 short years, I'd do it all over again because they brought me so much happiness and I'm grateful they were a part of my life. It's so bittersweet, but my buns will always be a reminder about how precious life is, and how important it is to love those we care about and make the most of every moment we have while we're still here.

  16. You got me to check my local Craigslist and now I'm working on adopting bun #3!!

  17. Aww that's amazing!! It's crazy how many poor rabbits wind up discarded on there like trash. Of course I fully support shelters and rescues first, but sometimes you gotta consider the ones that might wind up in some horrible situations if they don't find a home soon. Hope all goes well for you and your new bun too!

  18. Thank you for giving him the loving home he deserves ❀🐾 you are such a good bunparent!! do you know how old he is? πŸ₯°

  19. Ahhh thank you so much! It hasn't even been two days and I love him so much! I still miss my other bun terribly but I'm so happy to have him in my life πŸ₯°. The woman I got him from surprisingly kept the pedigree they got from a breeder (she was also going to breed him for 4H) and gave it to me. If that's anything accurate he's about a year and a half old!

  20. ""I just wish the bridge of incidents stopped putting me through some shitty situations lol 😭 like come on, man""

  21. Feeling that sentence sooo much right now - I haphazardly decided to manifest a text/DM from my SP... the bridge of incidences wound up involving the death of a pet. Don't get me wrong, my SP was super sweet but the whole death thing kind of makes me wary of trying this again now. Now I'm getting hot and cold results and I'm just baffled at this point.

  22. I was JUST at Walmart this evening and they had the Christmas trees out front-and-center next to the Halloween candy... I don't care if it's been "Halloween season" since mid July, Christmas can wait.

  23. I'm so glad these guys are still making music post ESC!! They were an early favorite of mine before Lock Me In was released and I'm excited to continue following their career. Lock Me In isn't their strongest song, but the sheer variety in the rest of their discography is so much fun and Soul Pop is definitely headed to my playlist for the week.

  24. I don't know why but this is the cutest little drawing I've seen all day

  25. Awww I'm so sorry about your bun! At one of the vet clinics I used to work at, we would give owners a few locks of fur in a small glass bottle, like the size of a keychain. Someone on this sub I think also made this super pretty necklace of keychain containing their bun's fur.

  26. Oh my god... is that a college class?! I took a companion animal management class in school and we had ONE week dedicated to "exotics" but even there the professor still talked about the importance of giving buns proper space. Maybe you could mention keeping them in X-pens instead of cages? I've even seen a few breeders manage to pull that off.

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