1. Joss Whedon has been such a disaster for modern media

  2. Notice how nothing really changes for the better in the Wizarding world. Non-wizards are still discriminated against at the end even when that attitude lead to the Death-eaters.

  3. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that nothing changes for the better (why does it have to?) but it’s interesting that none of the characters (apart from Hermione) even want it to. Could have been a cool bittersweet ending, if Voldemort was defeated but the world still sucked, but the whole thing is framed as a complete victory which is just kinda hollow. Reading it as a kid I never noticed but it’s funny to think about it now. Definitely a product of its time

  4. Right, it's not so much that nothing changes for the better but that the books never even present it as a possibility, except for House Elf Liberation which is quickly laughed off.

  5. It was the prevalent attitude of the time tbh. And you can see it in Rowling, she clearly found activists trying to make the world a better place pushy and annoying. Now she’s obsessed with hating trans ppl and made it her entire personality

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