1. I’m traditionally viewed as a Democrat, I won’t date a person who is politically unhinged be it left or right

  2. He is a braying jackass. If a person has a problem with libido or confidence that says something about them. You don’t put down your woman

  3. I generally don’t. The exception being if they have kinks that dove tail mine, write really while and I think I might learn something.

  4. Go to the hospital. You could very well need medical attention. I’m sure they’d rather have a sexually active daughter/child then visiting a grave

  5. How the fuck are people earning $19,000 a month and still living paycheck to paycheck, that’s more than I earn in 6 months

  6. Dude I’m disabled working on getting full time employment. This is 7 grand shy of my yearly income

  7. If it don’t affect me I don’t care mentality and a dash of in superior mentality

  8. I head this guy had an active restraining order, and doesn’t that mean he can’t own firearms?

  9. CADOJ claims they don’t have the resources to take arm’s from people who are prohibited.

  10. Depends. Are you unhappy holding out for 7 or can you be happy with no regrets with a six?

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