1. I haven’t really listened to much nas, can you give me 3songs to listen to please?

  2. Don't sleep on Brother J. Listen to the album "To the east, blackwards" his flow, delivery and knowledge deserves more recognition.

  3. I’m about to go on a long car ride so will deffo listen to this start to finish, thank you

  4. There was a time, when I was in college, that I was basically homeless for a period of about 3 weeks. I'd had a spat with my mom that got me booted from her couch. I basically lived in my car. I had a night job as a bouncer and went to class most of the day. My culinary program had a locker room with a single shower. I would leave work around 3am, drive to school and sleep in the parking lot until 6am when they opened the locker room. I'd shower and change into my chef whites. I'd eat at the culinary cafeteria and sleep in my car before heading to work. I just saved my money until i and a couple of students got together and we rented a house.

  5. Camping with my best friend and his family when we were 13. His older brother passed us beers around the fire. Shit was vile, but I didn't wanna seem uncool.

  6. Same. Do you microdose or take bigger amounts? I started off microdosing but will take 1-2 grams every few months to help even things out again.

  7. I’ve been out of alignment lately so I’m going to take 2g this Friday night. It truly helps

  8. I should have challenged myself more in culinary school. I breezed through it because I had already been a cook since I was 15. If I'd actually applied myself, I feel like I could have learned more, sooner.

  9. Carl Casper from Chef. Working as an artist in an industry that's judged so vehemently, can drive a person to the limits of their sanity. The freedom to cook what you want/like is the goal. And to have people like it is the reward.

  10. I think if it were called "face paint" like it should be, there wouldn't be such a reliance on it.

  11. I had an employee who was very reliable and a good worker. He began to call out and show up late. He started to draw in and always looked tired. Sadly, I recognized what seemed like a drug habit developing. His moods were swinging like the kitchen door. My gut was telling me he was doomed. When I finally had to approach him, I was expecting the usual excuses I've heard a 1000 times. I was completely wrong. His mom had gotten diagnosed with leukemia. I felt like such a douche bag. I learned then to never assume anything.

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