1. Thank you for sharing. Im beginning to wonder about that aswell as a lot of what Im looking at seems it shouldnt affect it the way it does. Things like the flush, the heatercore and the blend have all been the same as should not be affected just because its sitting still

  2. Exactly. Which was also why I was being driven crazy myself. Flushing the system is never a bad idea. The cleanest, sediment free coolant the better. And if the heater core flushes well each time and doesn't leak it's usually good to go

  3. Was talking with a friend about this and I realized the TJ has an aftermarket radiator. Im beginning to think that between it being -4 f and that rad doing a bit of a too good job means that the coolant doesnt get quite close enough to operating temp. Getting new parts of the TJ in Europe is a bit more work than in the US. Will update with new findings :)

  4. Norways amounts of snowy here: I use offload AT snowpeak tires until winter and have dedicates studded winter tires

  5. That looks like a speaker plug & I can’t think of anything else under that side aside from the fan, airbag & footwell bulb.

  6. The speakers have been removed on my TJ and are replaced with some speakers behind the seats, so it could be its the connector that used to be for the speakers, makes sense

  7. I’d go check what mine look like but I cut them off when I converted the fronts to 5x7 or 6x9 or whatever it was.

  8. No worries. I will have to dig further under the passenger side for the blower fuse thing anyway, so I`ll probably find where comes from eventually

  9. how did you go? my issue was similar and was fixed after unscrewing the tail light bolts and tightening them again

  10. My plan is to replace them with the original scews I have. Just waiting for new ...lense?.. and trying not to brake while indicating

  11. At least on my tj the tail lights were grounded to the body, is unbolt them and clean any rust and see if that corrects it

  12. Having a similar issue where the turn signal does not work while braking. Not resolved it yet but ground seems likely in both our cases

  13. These are infamous at my work for changing the pin or like you say, just not work. You can use the TSA key on them but usually we just replace them

  14. Check my phone for signal and battery life. Set every battery saving mode possible

  15. Not helpful, its just because he has a gigabyte motherboard, it's the same boot screen as mine, which i built in 2015

  16. They have used the same one forever now, mine built 2 years ago has the same logo

  17. From your body bolts / Norwegian winter with salty roads description I wonder what your frame looks like? Any TJs I've seen (I live in the rust belt) that have body bolts with that amount of corrosion also have frames that are severely compromised. The frames rot from the inside out and the control arm mounts are designed to trap mud and crud and are often first to fail. I suggest using Fluid Film or an equivalent to help preserve your frame.

  18. I Fluid Film it every year before winter sets and get a carwash with frame /underside wash at least once a week during the winter and about once a month or so during summer, less if Im driving a lot on-road only.

  19. I 100% understand this fear I had the same one with my valve cover bolts, I snapped 2 of them and a 1hr project took all weekend. The best you can do is have a plan for when it'll go wrong, and best case scenario nothing goes wrong and you have some extractors for the next project.

  20. Mine is a daily but I can live without driving as Im in walking distance of work and shopping. Will give the old slow-and-steady and if it gets too difficult I know a show that will loosen them for me at an okay rate. I also have 3 sets of different bolt extractor cause yeah, working on any car for any amount of time, you get to that point

  21. Very cool! I really like the strange and less seen cars that people have and work on

  22. Im also very interested in your build sheet. Looking at going for a bit of a lift myself. Sweet TJ btw!

  23. Very nice. Waiting on some parts and hope to get the winch in before winter myself. Very nice looking TJ!

  24. These thing holding the air intake filter housing... Jeez, spent an hours leaning over and under the hood at the same time and got ... this one, 1 of out 3. Under coating on the car doesnt help but what is the loving was the issue with just using flared nuts? Or if it was really so need, why not a nut and a washer?

  25. Totally agree! If you think those suck,wait until you upgrade your fender flares,...there is a special place in hell for Jeep engineers.

  26. Any tips for making it easier for us thinking to upgrade the fender flares?

  27. Thank you all I really appreciate the help I wasn’t expecting the acceptance and understanding from this. It’s embarrassing to admit having Social Anxiety as it is and all the helpful advise really helped my way of seeing it. Thanks again 🙏

  28. I have the same issue. At least with places like gun stores its only one thing to really focus on: the guns. Getting to know details about and just taking about them is where I do best. There is no small talk and a bit less room for opinions if its all about the specs. I find that helps. Best of luck, might even be fun!

  29. The more the better. If thats what you want to do, why would you ever stop learning more and deeper? You would also need to look at new relases every time they happen.

  30. Market share is a terrible way to judge if a browser is good or not. That most people use something doesn't make it the best option

  31. That is a good example and there are so many more. It also leads in to an interesting discussion on what quality means, as that differens a lot between cultures aswell

  32. There is so many youtube vids on this with so much more info than I can put into text here anyway, yt it instead

  33. Well done. I always have trouble getting the abuse 55/40 and I open them mostly by luck

  34. It’s possible that this was produced by Eduard Kummer SA of Bettlach Switzerland sometime after 1917. They registered the trade name Butterfly, but this almost looks like it was engraved into the movement after manufacturing and my have nothing to do with the movement at all. If the movement is a pin lever or a Roskopf that would make it more likely that this is who made it.

  35. It is indeed a pin lever. Great information! Was not able to find anything myself...

  36. There are a few different software that can do this. Kismet and airodump comes to mind, probably many more

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