1. ;0 how did he take a picture of his phone if its in his hand ;0

  2. If this is the smallest you can get in babft, what should I make to complement the small avatar

  3. Hmm use the skeleton package it makes u slightly thinner and use old-school idle

  4. I don't have the skele package at the moment of making this comment but next time I get robux I'll get it

  5. Woooosh with four os is made to make fun of people who spell woooosh with 2 or 3 o's.

  6. Shit you actually made rthro look good-

  7. That would be elite award though... Custom society award sock

  8. Umm then how did I swear? It didn't tag aswell and i didn't use any scrips or anythin

  9. the game filters the swear, but in chatlogs it does not

  10. My one is "you played mega fun obby 2" by @Bloxtun.

  11. Guys it's just a glitch if u refresh it goes back to normal

  12. 1 report doesn't really do anything, you need to get like a good 5-7 reports for roblox to realise something up with him

  13. its a good idea but he dosen't even want to join the subreddit, so im not to sure he's gonna do that sadly.

  14. He doesn't own the sub reddit? Welp that's a new fact added to my brain

  15. When he first started this series he just found this subreddit and decided to make his series on it, before that it was an unofficial jsal sub

  16. Ur kinda wrong if u saying no one cares how bad UGC is rn

  17. 250 robux for a probably free model, w h a t

  18. Don't worry there's hundreds of this shit ugc everywhere

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