1. I also can't see shit without my contacts. It sounds like I'm a lot luckier than you are. My left eye is a lot worse than my right, I get nearly 20/20 with my sclerals athough I do experience halos and light spreading mostly at night.

  2. Without lenses I have 6/30 and 3/60 and with them I have 6/6 and 6/18. I can wear my lenses for up to 20h, which means no disco and no very late parties unless its in my home. Wearing lenses could have meant that I would have to change hobbies as I couldn't do stuff were I could loose a lense, but I wear swimming pool goggles in order to keep doing what I please. I also wear them outside when it's windy. I get teased and odd looks but I'd rather not loose my lenses and not get stuff into my eyes. Backpacking is also out of consideration and I always need to have small size eye care to keep with me on the plane (the air is so dry). KC sucks, but the good things are that it made me more compassionate with others, more resilient and more willing to rely on and trust others. So I feel that it benefited me. My biggest worry with KC is to pass it to my kids as this is clearly in my family tree (great uncle and cousin also have it, not my brothers though). Overall, I can see, so I'm thankful not to be blind or to have anything worse than poor eyesight and I'm glad KC made me a better person, although I whish I'd be that person without KC.

  3. I hear you! I also want to backpack one day and it seems near impossible with the contacts but the solution might be just to say screw it and go without the contacts. I'm legally blind without them but we can't let KC hold us back!

  4. There's the Lion's Fund for anybody out there they subsidized the cost of crosslinking for me but I don't think they'll fund outside of that

  5. A cornea transplant should be a last option alternative IMO. Look into cross-linking and and other forms of treatment first

  6. Don’t do it. As Computer science major you’re over qualified for this. It’s not a technical position at all you will be reading change tickets and making sure they follow proper change management. Its first and foremost an audit job.

  7. The sad reality is that I'm not looking at any other offers. I've been rejected from every single internship except this one.

  8. I know how that feels and I ended up taking a Risk assurance internship and then full time cause I didn't get any other internship offers. Although I was an accounting major so I knew what I was getting into. Its a decent gig but its not the same as a technology job. Controls are what a company puts in place to ensure a process is running as intended. So lets say there is an interface between two systems, there is a balancing control that compares the data being sent by system A and the data received by system B. Process Assurance would then look at the balancing reports and say yup, they did it right or no it didn't balance and here are the steps the took to document and correct it. You will barely be touching anything technical. Most of it is documenting the way the client says the process is done and then verifying that by looking at tickets, reports, screenshots of system configurations etc.

  9. But don't retakes look bad? And I really want to get the LSAT out of my life because this shit is unnecessarily stressful lol.

  10. Depends what you performed well on.....LG is the easiest and quickest to improve.

  11. LG is my worst. I also struggle with RC. I'm just not an attentive reader. I gloss over words and reread frequently. I need to get better at that..

  12. Just replaced mine on my 2000 camry, pretty simple. Getting inlet and outlet trans hoses off were a pain. Go on youtube, there is a guy who posts the whole thing on youtube step by step.

  13. Not gonna lie... I don't know shit about cars. But I'm going to work hard to get this fixed and repair any damage.

  14. Ya I definitely wouldn't want to take a class in Japanese either haha.

  15. I bet you know (1/2)/(1/2) = 1. But why? In order to divide fractions you must multiply by the reciprocal. The reciprocal of 1/2 is 2/1. So when you multiply (1/2)*(2/1) the numerator of one-half cancels the denominator of 2/1. And vice-versa. Hope this idea helps!

  16. Me too but engineering school is way easier than the dumb shit we went through in the military

  17. i’m going on the 7th! love flume and future bass

  18. YO I loooove flume. I listen to him everyday. Not a freshman tho. I'd be really down to go.

  19. there's isn't much. Everyone is getting destroyed except for the exceptional few. If you can ace classes, be friendly, and go to office hours you'll be remembered.

  20. I didn't know Misha but he looks like a nice guy. We could of been friends. RIP

  21. I still don't understand what you are asking what you mean by an "integral curve". The graph you have provided is just some polynomial. Are you asking about polynomials? Are you asking about antiderivatives?

  22. So it was the integral of function((x2+ax-3)2)dx then I was provided a graph of the integral and I don't know how this helps anything. Why does symbolab even show a graph of the integral. Can it help you understand integration?

  23. So you're asking about antiderivatives, not integrals. You input some function, and the default setting of the program is to graph the function as part of its output for information about that function. Graphing a function seems pretty useful to me.

  24. sorry I thought anti-derivatives and integrals were the same thing. But what meaning are you getting out of it? Like what do x and f(x) represent in the graph?

  25. this is so broad. literally just check out cu's polysci website

  26. sounds like your depressed bro? gotta keep yo self healthy and work hard

  27. puking in your mouth mid swim? that's the sign of a good workout

  28. why not do all the math classes again for an easy A?

  29. Bad bad idea if you feel you have a good grip on the material. APPM will fuck you up

  30. only in terms of time commitment its not like OP will significantly struggle with anything especially calc 1.

  31. Are you transferring or are you a freshman?

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