1. Someone else can link the specific DD but a foundation of GME theory is the Overstock squeeze.

  2. So not trying to be a dick, but shouldn't your answer have then been... "while it hasn't happened yet, no one wants to risk getting sued for having done it."

  3. I don't think you are wrong it is probably an apples to oranges comparison but this isn't a DD or financial advice.

  4. While I disagree that the OS and even the VW squeezes are overly relevant (both very different circumstances)... I hear you about not wanting to be the match holder in any potential dumpster fire.

  5. I throw in a couple I personally like.

  6. I bought a Cold Steel SRK at the PX as a quick adder purchase of a fixed blade before going to Afghanistan in 03. To this day, sharpest knife out of the box I ever had. And holds blade well. I even spent half a day cutting carpet with it (random, I know) and it was still great. Price is right, too. IDK what makes it a cheap knife vs others but I was and still a happy with it. I mean, I used it, but didn't go around running it through stress tests, so IDK...

  7. lol using professionally written (albeit cliche) phrasing like "according to people familiar with the matter" and then using blatant accusatory shit like "morally reprehensible and blatantly illegal".

  8. Thanks. Yeah I think I got excited and lost my focus. The closest I've come to blaming equipment was a poor choice of squeeze bag.

  9. people down vote some weird shit on Reddit.

  10. Wow... i mean, you really threw that shit, but that flyer came in at exactly the 12 o'clock position, too. Pretty accurate for a one off shot. And cleanest hole. Weird.

  11. Surefire were great bet they never innovated and got left behind by better options. LPVOs were touted as the be all end all of optics, turns out they aren't perfect and there are issues such as lack of parallax adjustment (especially on 8x and 10x) .... all that being said they aren't the worst and the best option often depends on the purpose of the rifle and situations in which it will be used

  12. so this is how long I've been out of the game.... what came up since it was decided that Surefire was falling behind. Every time I see a light on a gun, I just assume it's a Surefire. I'ts not?...

  13. good grief is this a new thing? I've been sitting here with quad rails since 2007, finally thinking "well, shit... maybe M Lok IS the way to go after all...

  14. Same, I put a quad on my Bushy 16 back in 05, and was just looking at some mloks for it. But I still have one of those retro integrated carry handles that are all the rage now and it looks right with the quad.

  15. yeah my bushmaster was gifted to me back in about 08. today it seems an AR15 is somehow next gen, although I don't see how. What makes one $1100 and one 3K? IDK. I've got a fluted, free floated barrel done by Yankee Hill Machine, a pretty sweet but not too convoluted buttstock... and not much else.

  16. Look I'm here in support of... everyone making a stand for retail. And I have significant skin in the game myself. But this post headline is an example of the dumb shit that can cause a ruckus. No one asked that, and he didn't say that.

  17. Because these people are either shills trying to, like you said, cause a ruckus, or just karma whores.

  18. word. and still 360 people liked it enough...

  19. I have one and I also shoot it out to 1k about once a month. I shoot fgmm 175 and get great performance. It’s not zero recoil but super comfortable overall. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do but I’m really impressed. I actually got a second barrel being cut down to 16” to do a CSASS build. I also have an m110 clone and, while slightly more accurate is not meaningful on most targets

  20. On his note.. can you elaborate a little o the capabilities of the 16" barrel? WHat's the realistic range to be consistent for a 16"? Would you also be trying to take it out to 1,000?

  21. Lefty here. I actually shoot right hand bolts for long range. Actually easier for prone shooting. If you have to have a left hand bolt, custom actions are typically over 1k. Bergara left hand bolt is an option. They shoot. I have two HMR’s both right hand bolt.

  22. SO hey, glad I saw your comment here. Im lefty, and came up through all tactical training/shooting over the years on a standard AR. No lefty mods about it. But with a bolt gun... wondered if it was worth getting a lefty gun vs just learning it righty. Hell, when it comes down to it, Im right eye dominant, and shoot a bow right handed for that reason. (ALthough I don;'t think with scopes it would matter much either way).

  23. It is. Granted I am not an expert. It is just easier. I shoot long range prone usually. Left hand on the grip, and trigger. Right hand on a bag under the stock toe, squeezing the bag to get proper alignment. It works for me. I will allow it is a bit awkward with a long action bolt. Running the bolt winds up with the bolt in my face. There are a lot more options for long range guns that are right hand. Usually not many options for us lefties.

  24. Ah, When I 1st read your comment, I was under the impression you actually shot long guns right-handed (right shoulder and everything). Which prompted my wonderment as to whether it worth it to "learn right handed".

  25. Just wondering... you said you don't use holdover and instead dial in, but that reticle looks like it's about holdover all day. Did you choose that reticle specifically, or is that the scopes default?

  26. Makes me happy to see another HK DMR here... Real or Clone?

  27. was wondering the same, and saw this on the H&K site about the G28: Providing a maximum effective range and a high first round hit probability up to 600 meters, the HK241 will also allow suppressive fire against man size targets accurately up to 800 meters.

  28. They were everywhere listed on Snipershide for $2600 when the Razor III came out. I had a USO FDN I bought for $2k from

  29. Hey Im new to LR and am looking around and asking questions, so... With something like a high end scope like that, isn't buying used- off some marketplace or another- pretty risky? What if someon just ddn't take care of it or otherwise damaged its capability, and you never find out until... you find out.

  30. Hey man I'm looking for a long range solution but was wondering how far I can effectively reach out with an AR and 16" barrel. THis way If I'm gonna stay AR I can have a multi-purpose rifle. Maybe a 2-10x or similar LPVO and an offest red dot.

  31. When you say how far can you effectively reach out, do you mean to put a hole in paper, to ring a steel plate, or to kill something? I've hit steel out to 800 yards with a 16" AR and a good optic. If it isn't too windy, it isn't all that difficult at all. However, I wouldn't take that same shot on an animal.

  32. So, the last few local PRS matches i’ve done, I have used my AR instead of my bergara. I group similar with both and the AR has almost no recoil and is cheaper to run.

  33. Hwey man, your comment interested me, I just sent you a PM so I"m not boring everyone else with my questions. Peace.

  34. It’s more than possible but takes a little work setting up the rifle and building some discipline. Recoil mitigation and a lower power zoom is about the best way. Lots of things will help with this.

  35. Oh I,m not new to shooting all together. USMC KD course out to 500yds. But it's been a while since I've had to snap in well and do the whole slow fire thing. For the last several yrs of my work in mil and private sector, it was all shoot and move under stress on the clock. Fundamentals are always just that, but in tactical drills, they get, you know.. sped up lol.

  36. No worries and know that I was by no means implying that you were a newbie. Long range is just an entirely different animal from all other forms of shooting and has a whole different set of disciplines that should be learned and perfected in order to achieve the best results such as “spotting your own shot” through the rifles optic. I was just answering a question with what has helped me over the years.

  37. No worries I appreciate it. This is quite the rabbit hole. I've gone from tossing up btwn AR10 platform (I know AR's in and out, so...) to figuring I'll go with a bolt gun. So then, I'm looking at Bergara, then on to Tikka, Springfield, and Sig. THen I start to see how a custom build is not much more than an HMR o rikka Tact A1. I see where to get barrels, actions and stocks. Cool.

  38. lol "that little guy? Oh I wouldn't worry about that little guy"..

  39. Thanks OP. I thought about getting one but apparently all of the s20 precisions imported to the US are only the fluted barrels and not the heavy ones :(

  40. Hmm. 7 months ago, wonder if you'll see this even.

  41. RIght? I was all like.... a bunch of grown dudes? Always comforting?

  42. Already looks good but... Anything that'll upgrade that round up out of that D ring... (sorry. Had to. Lol).

  43. Yeah walking and shooting is a bitch sometimes lol

  44. Don't i know it. Looking to just now- after years- get into the nuances of long range with a bolt gun because mostly all I did was shoot and move for years in SF and private sector. Out to 200m but usually down to 50m and in.

  45. You and I have very different definitions of the word "budget", mine comes with a bit less sarcasm/thinly-veiled arrogance lol

  46. bruh. i was putting a label to your description of OP's "budget" claim.

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