Better Call Saul S06E11 - "Breaking Bad" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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Better Call Saul S06E09 - "Fun and Games" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. So that’s it huh, keep the mcu in theaters because they’re not good enough for a tv show.

  2. You’re phase 4! And phase 4 I can handle just fine but phase 4 tv shows on Disney+ is like giving a chimpanzee a machine gun!

  3. The entertainment industry is sacred! If you abuse that power, people's creativity is gonna get hurt! This is not a game! On some level you know I'm right! You know I'm right!

  4. I, uh, have a couple more She-Hulk episodes I’m going to release. And I have Ant-Man 3 coming out soon. After that… you’re on your own. I’m done.

  5. This was the moment, finally, that Gene Takovic becomes Saul Goodman

  6. I literally dropped something earlier today and immediately said “Unbravo Vince” - we’re in too deep

  7. Great episode. Nippy needed the integration of Breaking Bad themes/scenes that this episode had. I understand what they were going for, but this episode essentially accomplishes the same thing Nippy does while actually feeling like we’re in the last couple episodes within this universe.

  8. They are just knocking it out of the park with these episodes. We got closure with Nacho's father and one of Mike's best moments in the series, an scene showing a side of Gus we literally never see again, the perfect directing for when the Salamancas met with Gus and Don Eladio where even though we know nobody dies the tension was still unbelievably high, and of course Kim leaving and expressing her guilt. And then the transition to Breaking Bad on top of all of that where we just see how hollow Saul Goodman's life is without Kim. What an incredible episode. We have literally no idea what to expect now or what story they even want to tell with Saul during the Breaking Bad era. We still have 4 episodes left and the two biggest mysteries of the show, what happens to Lalo and Kim (for now), are already solved.

  9. You're one of the usernames, I remember, from reddevils. Nice to see you enjoy the boys too.

  10. You were in the parking lot earlier, that’s how I know you!

  11. Either I kill a beautiful creature or I kill everyone on this spaceship. Then I'll have to find a new name, because I won't be the Doctor anymore.

  12. Nobody talk to me, nobody ON REDDIT, has anything to say to me today!

  13. You know how I'm into women, and y'know, people my own age...

  14. This is such an underrated and sweet moment. God I love series 10

  15. Not for me. Unassigned, doing nothing and leaving for a 30% pay bump in 2 months

  16. Just curious, how did you get a new job 2 months in advance? Did you ask for that?

  17. You gotta charge the emotional damage the work caused you

  18. No alternate endings. Affinity strengthens the relationship between your characters. The stronger your affinity is, the easier it becomes for chain attacks to occur. Affinity also positively impacts gem crafting. I don’t believe it impacts any side quest endings, but certain side quests will require a certain level of affinity between specific party members. Also there are mini cutscenes called heart-to-hearts, which are one-on-one cutscenes throughout the game (can be accessed anytime) that each require a different level of affinity between those two characters

  19. Okay , i get it . One more question are there any specific side quests which affects NPC's fate ?

  20. No, I think you’re concerned about side quests and other gameplay like affinity impacting the actual story and characters.

  21. Even my kids didn’t like it much. I’ve never seen it myself.

  22. “She’s a lesbian out of nowhere” they literally developed the closer relationship between Korra and Asami throughout seasons 2 and 3, and romantically beginning in 4. It was done organically and doesn’t even distract from the storyline or who they are individually since it’s only official literally at the last moment of the show. These people are just straight homophobic

  23. I went into this game completely blind last year and remember as soon as the title screen music started, I was going to love this game

  24. These memes with this whole scene is the only thing I’ve been looking forward to these days

  25. This whole scene has been a gold mine with your memes

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