The Bengals have beaten the Chiefs 3 times in 2022

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  1. Lmao Collinsworth not mincing words "this is an embarrassment on national television"

  2. Jesus christ dude they cannot keep trotting Matt Ryan out there moving forward

  3. Hilarious to read this after all the years of yinz and the Ravens jerking each other off about how much you respect each other

  4. That “alliance” is built on the foundation that you both are a historically poverty franchise that have never won a ring but is now good. If one of you gets one it’ll turn bitter, guarantee it

  5. Lol Steelers fans seething at the simple idea of the Bengals being a good team

  6. This is probably how coaches want to react to those stupid halftime on-field interviews

  7. Lol Chiefs fans cannot stop bitching about the refs. The coping is insane.

  8. 1v1 on Rust right now no hardscoping trick shots only. Settle this like men

  9. Lol at all those “hot takes” that the bengals suck or were 1 year wonders.

  10. Shit talking usually works out better when you win the game and play well. Chiefs should have thought of that

  11. They look legit as fuck. Rams window is likely closed, Bengals open for the next several years

  12. Love to hear that after seeing countless people call us a fluke and the Rams the next dynasty all offseason lol

  13. Burrow being 3-0 against Mahomes is ungodly impressive lol

  14. Feel bad for the kids who had to see this horrific injury. Same thing that got Randy Bullock a couple years ago

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