1. O, heart of mine doth welcome thee A book am I that doth reveal O, pen of mine relay thy spell Ask me ought, I’ll freely tell

  2. I’m a story that never ends, a door that never closes, a window that never seals, a wound that never heals.

  3. Guitar music isn't dead anymore. It felt like it was dying or dead about 10-15 years ago, but these days, I'd say it's settled into a niche place where it no longer dominates the airwaves, but I also don't think anyone is going out of their way to avoid it in their music either. It will always have its place now. Even if some of the top pop artists don't use guitar solos frequently, they are also not as dominant or important to the medium as their counterparts from previous generations thanks to the internet allowing everyone to develop their own unique taste profiles without it being dictated by MTV/radio/Pitchfork/etc.

  4. This makes so much sense. The loss of the pop monoliths for example is a great point. The implications of new media and ways of accessing music has meant that everyone can have their thing. There are very few global stars emerging. Taylor Swift is a notable exception.

  5. I didn’t anticipate this being a problem I’d have to wrestle with as a Liverpool fan. Seemed solid with FSG for a while.

  6. Wow. I tried this out with “book cover Easter island head” and the results are beautiful.

  7. Picture Connections round I made for a recent pub quiz. In each question, you'll see four images and need to identify the connection between them.

  8. I was thinking like a picture round. 10 to 12 pictures where all the pictures have celestial names. Here's one on Hot Things:

  9. $bid college student editing since 2 years. Would love to be a part of this project

  10. Discussion: if you flair this as "give OP riddles" people won't have to spoiler tag it.

  11. Well I gave the riddle as was to my 7th graders and they got it in seconds. Lol.

  12. Pretty much, i would also say that an artist should be able to create art that belongs to them. Every image created on midjourney belongs to midjourney and its successors.

  13. Oh cool! Now I’m curious about your tattoo

  14. We are first and undivided Though infinite it’s hard to find us Our kin no formula reveals We’re very odd, de facto real

  15. Hahaha. I’m the soon to be dad, so while this appeals to me for a few years perhaps, I’m not sure I can lean on ‘tradition’ to make it happen.

  16. Sum of square is geometrically motivated, it's just Pythagorean theorem. So you can solve for it using geometric method, and when you change your basis orthogonally you still have a sum of squares.

  17. Thank you. Some of this was certainly over my head, but I'm intrigued by the idea that LSR gives the result with most likelihood.

  18. An important part of doing statistic is having a statistical model, sadly, this part is often neglected in lower level statistic class. The statistical model is the one that made assumptions about how your variables behave, in particular, what kind of errors it has, and all your computations follows from there.

  19. Thanks for sharing this! I saved it to use as a warm up with my math students :)

  20. This is awesome! I’m kinda confused on what’s happening tho..

  21. What AI you used? Did you just typed something and then made a collage from pictures? I want to know more about process.

  22. Midjourney for the images. The layout I did in photoshop with a fair bit of paint over. Hands and such.

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