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  1. If JJ had multiple of those catches like the 4th down in the Bills game, and the Vikings went to the NFCCG at least in some part due to those performances, he could have won MVP. I think it's more about the big moments than the stats.

  2. This pretty much summarizes my approach to Pathfinder as a fire-centric Sorcerer/Oracle. Sure, I could heal you right now... or I could obliterate most of the field with a Fireball or two and then heal you afterwards. Prevention vs cure and all that.

  3. Phoenix bloodline in pathfinder actually lets you heal your allies with fire spells. They errata'd it, but you actually were able to use this ability if you had access to a cantrip that dealt fire damage so as to have infinite healing, albeit very slowly.

  4. The creative part isn’t really a strong argument and as someone who sees ai art as broadly unethical, yet inevitable and wants it to be more ethical, I frame the justification for calling it currently unethical around the economic aspects.

  5. Literally anywhere else in technology we would be upset at people using millions of peoples 'data' without consent.

  6. I’ve got absolutely no clue how the league systems work yet, I’ve just about got most the rules, our players and some icons. But I’ll check out some of those years! Thanks.

  7. The salary cap is a very interesting part of the NFL to me. Teams have a limit on how much they can spend on their players as a whole. Most players and their agents try to get as much money as possible.

  8. Look at Tab's previous works. He can draw different faces, he just falls back to the same face now because he is so predisposed to draw it. Fight the urge is the correct advice, really.

  9. If you can't post constructive criticism without insulting the artist or making assumptions about their intentions you probably just shouldn't post.

  10. Hardly rude. Artists are creatures of habit. It is like I say Baalbuddy/centurii/neoartcore/kanta does the same set of faces. Tab has a severe case of same face even if he is quite good at it.

  11. It's extremely rude, friend. You should probably not say things like this unless you're trying to insult the artist.

  12. I think quality, helpful, well-intentioned criticism is extremely important and necessary, especially in art.

  13. Underrated. Her DP gen is the best rate in the game tied with Ely, she's almost as cheap since she makes the next op deployed 2 cheaper, she increases the effective dps (of units who deal damage with attacks) by at least 10% (12 with P5) just by standing next to them.

  14. Actually a pretty fun interview. It's cool to see that (I don't know why they wouldn't, honestly) developers recognize the common experiences of playing their games, such as the stress induced by feeling like you need to pick everything up, and then hearing them explain how they make design choices around having a certain amount of good loot per room, etc.

  15. Does anyone know how 'good' Gavialter is regarded as being in terms of meta?

  16. Really well done. I liked the other one also, but this one is just a tad bit cleaner.

  17. My group of friends are all in the US across the country (not in the same state) and none of us can play at all without a VPN. We have tried every day at different times to login and none of us can login without a VPN whatsoever.

  18. I actually agree with this (not just for the td/int ratio) and I think cousins would agree too. Cousins has said often in his pressers that KOC's scheme is far more complex than what the Vikings have been running variations on for his tenure here. It will take Cousins some time to master the system.

  19. Watch the presser. KOC did say that (because Chris asked a pointed question) but the emphasis was on playing two games in five days because of TNF next week.

  20. I remember seeing on the last one: "He needs 191 yards to get back on track" and thinking that would be difficult in Buffalo. Sure showed me!

  21. That same buddy said “who the fuck is Stefan Diggs?” when we were at the Denver game (he’s a Broncos fan) when Diggs had his breakout game his rookie year so Duke Shelley being good confirmed?

  22. He only played three snaps but he had the highest overall PFF grade on defense lol

  23. The second one wasn’t ed

  24. Arknights was not designed with sweep in mind. Sweeping is only needed IMO when you are dumping thousands of sanity into a farm. I dabbled with Blue Archive (forgive me) for a few weeks and the sweep in that game is absolutely necessary because you might need to run upwards of 50 stages a day just with your normal currency and not going into any excessive farming. (please don't quote me on absolute number, it's been a long time, but the gist is true compared to arknights)

  25. That replay with the camera focused on Dalton while Wilson was flipping enthusiastically behind him into the endzone was kinda hilarious

  26. What I don’t get that people don’t understand is every time you make the playoffs, you give yourself a shot. We did it 3 times in 8 years under Zimmer. Not good enough. I don’t care if the team has question marks. I don’t care if the team doesn’t look as good as we’d like. What I care about is 5 wins in 6 weeks, and giving ourselves a great shot at playing a home playoff game. Literally anything can happen in the playoffs and all it takes is one run.

  27. One thing that stuck with me when we hired Kwesi: When asked about how you actually win a super bowl in the NFL he said that the goal is to get to the playoffs and get hot at the right time. Right now the Vikings aren't hot, but they're easily on their way to the playoffs. Sure they're not steamrolling teams like the Eagles or the Bills, but if Cousins clicks in December then that's the best we can hope for.

  28. Unrelatable. Playing for 2 years, constantly starved for resources still. So many skills to mastery and rocks to farm.

  29. Same, always got something I want, always a new op or something else I'm interested in.

  30. Dude, this format is really hard to read. Maybe make them in a table or smth

  31. Does anyone else remember the tweet some vikings writer made about how the Vikings "enabled divisional rivals to acquire talented young receivers " by cutting ISM and other players? Lmao

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