1. Dass du tatsächlich noch die Nachricht hier reinstellst in der du eine Website empfiehlst (🤓) ist fast noch peinlicher

  2. aber es muss doch jeder sehen, wir lustig er/sie/es ist

  3. Obv you don't know anything about 240's. That's the classic rocket bunny kit.

  4. ich versteh die Leute auf reddit nicht. Wird 10 mal das gleiche AMA gepostet regen sie sich auf, postet mal jemand was exklsuives, was sogar ins Kriminelle geht, ist das auch wieder verkehrt. Scrollt doch weiter wenns euch nicht interessiert.

  5. Das ruckeln kann auch andere Ursachen haben, Kerzen oder so.

  6. Das schlimmste bei der Sache: Diese Person hat deine Adresse! CREAPY

  7. Wow, amazing photos! Is the second one a gtr with modified front end?

  8. Sitting behind a harness bar...well what could go wrong

  9. Could they have waited for the fire to die itself out? How long did it take for them to put out the fire?

  10. wait for the fire to die out? You mean after the whole fucking thing burned out?

  11. Politik besteht nicht nur aus Nazis und Nicht-Nazis.

  12. Hmm… i really wouldn’t know how to import it or the process and such. Also…am in California.

  13. buy from an import company then. check out team free spirit on instagram, they expose shitty and shady import companys.

  14. Midori Works Japan are an exporter and they post a lot of content of cars from auction that look good but upon further inspection have rust issues or crash history… I’d like to use them next time I get something from Japan.

  15. Yup, Robert from Midori already had an Import Company in Germany before he moved to Japan. He works together with Luke from team free spirit. Theyre also who i'd recommend nowadays.

  16. It IS good advice. Yall just wanna complain but dont change anything.

  17. Be aware that a gts is a slow ass shitbox. 9k...well its okay if you plan to use the shell if you plan on turboswapping it one day. Where are you from? In the US people pay wayyyy to much cause they think theyre some kinda rare ass racecars.

  18. ECU and Turbo Options have changed since the 2000s, but your engine has also been beat on for 20 years more.

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