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  1. A strong EP, faves from my first listen are "Love Me Like This" and "Just Did It."

  2. The chorus and the dance for this MV is so catchy. As I predicted, there's no "NMIXX, change up!" but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The girls can explore their MIXXPOP concept in other ways.

  3. This chorus is so infectious, loving this song for them!!🤩

  4. Not the type of song I was expecting Yeeun to release, but it's good nonetheless. Very different from her status as CLC's rapper.

  5. I've made my peace with most of the terms that the kpop world uses differently than we do, but "single album" will forever annoy me. It's literally just a single! Just a normal single! Why complicate it??

  6. If it's just a single released digitally, it would be called a digital single, but since there's going to be a physical release with other inclusions like photocards and posters, it's a single album! But yeah I can understand people's frustrations and confusions with the K-Pop terms. Took me a bit to get used to as well during the beginning of my K-Pop stanning. But now I'm used to it.😅

  7. I was wrong about the title track being called "ME."👀

  8. Jisoo and the color red have been slaying for this era. Here's hoping we get more red in the MV!!!🤩

  9. Had an internal fight with myself this morning trying to remember if I had seen 1917 in theaters or not.

  10. I saw Avatar: The Way Of Water in 4DX for New Year's and I was literally shook!!

  11. Do you!!! Screw the haters. Loving music has no age limit.🫶💖

  12. Yes, I literally just saw it today before my repeat showing of Avatar: The Way Of Water in theaters.

  13. Another "Violet Chemistry" interaction between them. Hoping and praying that Selena is featured in a remix for the song.😭

  14. Watched the film and it was actually better than the first one. This isn't surprising though, unfortunately. 2 more films until the end of the DCEU as we know it, The Flash (June 16, 2023) and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (December 25, 2023).

  15. Seated for Avatar: The Way Of Water yet again and the theater is packed. Pleasantly surprised people are still going to see this even though it's coming out on PVOD next week on the 28th!

  16. I was listening to the Life With Marianna Podcast and she had a doctor on her most recent episode who said that if you're only pooping once a day, you're constipated. I put this info in my group chat and one of my friends goes, "What if you're going every other day?"😭

  17. Thank you!! I own a few other Anker products so I might just have to a look at their stuff

  18. I was going to recommend Anker as well!! I've had mine for over 3 years so far and it continues to give me 3-4 full charges too!!! I would recommend buying the most updated version of the mobile charger cuz they're always improving the technology and features on the models for it!

  19. Really bummed I was unable to see Kx5 alive because this album is fire. Now, I'm gonna make a plan to see them in the future.

  20. The article is stuck behind a paywall does anyone have an alternate link?

  21. Disappointing cuz I actually liked this sequel more than the first Shazam! movie and more than the third Ant-Man movie. I had a good time with this one!

  22. Early reviews of movie Americana staring Halsey and Sydney Sweeney are out and people are praising Halsey's performance while whole movie got kinda mixed reviews. Very glad about Halsey tho. I don't think i can survive people dragging her also for acting on Twitter 😭

  23. Taylor twerking with 5H to "Worth It." Precious memories.😭

  24. Probably not going to be the last attention seeking behavior from leeches who want to make a quick buck off Taylor's Eras Tour.😕

  25. Slow day today so Imma post another review of Eras Tour, which is actually a good read from Variety!

  26. I'm getting major fomo about this tour. I wish I could have bought tickets but I don't even k ow anyone swiftie enough to go with me

  27. If you feel comfortable enough to do so, I highly suggest going alone! I've gone to multiple concerts alone and it's fun in a different way compared to going with loved ones. You also get to make friends with people around you!

  28. I'm glad I watched the potato cam livestreams cuz now I wanna buy tickets to Taylor's show!!!💖

  29. That's in the Midnights era which she hasn't performed yet!

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