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  1. First iteration of battlecup was the best. 15 bp levels and some profile prestige. 4 trophies beside the ign was gucci af.

  2. Seriously setting up that once Marin walks into Comiket with this cosplay, Tokio is going to tweet about it

  3. What is your level of confidence on this match? I may bet 5 max unit if you think it is a really solid pick.

  4. Very high, imo, Gaimin and Liquid are the favorites for this region's dpc.

  5. Yeah, what an absolute stinker from ehome. My bad/

  6. Thanks for the tip for +1.5 one move against team spirit put 100$ on 2.92 odd

  7. OneMove pretty much owned during game 2, grats on the tail fam

  8. My only regret is not betting more. I even added a -1.5 line bet.

  9. πŸ˜‚ -1.5 for sure was a great play, good thing they still overestimated secret and blessed us with a good line.

  10. How many units will you be dropping for tomorrow’s gaimin gladiator ml?

  11. Nice work bro, love a good e sports tip. Tailed the last 2 🫑 thanks king

  12. Not sure bout NA but i used either ggbet, 22bet or stake

  13. Could seriously see them winning, spirit was pretty out of it with only yatoro with a good showing

  14. I accidently bet on a random basketball team of the same name, but it worked out OK.

  15. Damn, and I make sure for 30 mins what my 20 bucks goes to. Real jelly

  16. Not sure where you're from but most books I've encountered would have dota. Checked Stake, GGbet and a local book for this one.

  17. Can't believe Morey traded the young star for this fat washed hitler

  18. Same, was actively looking for the hoodwink or monkey

  19. Basically the symbol of the Japanese royal family

  20. Reply to this comment if you wish to join the subscription list.

  21. Legit in my spotify playlist of City Pop even tho it aint

  22. Fuuck, legit hella hyped for the next chapter.

  23. damn that was a tough beat, mobus with the lead whole game and they eased off the gas for a bit

  24. POTD RECORD 6-1. πŸ’”βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…

  25. I know I ain't the only one who stopped reading just to stare at that page

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