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  1. 2nd row, #4 5 &6 from the right, what’s the name cause I want them for my wife’s bf’s gf’s son’s collection.

  2. I hooked a humpback on a size 30 Parachute Adams there and also almost drowned. Ended up just reeling myself to the whale, unhooking the beast, and swimming back up.

  3. Make sure you tell someone when you’ll be back. Wouldn’t want you lost in the wilderness all by yourself.

  4. Get the LeMaster’s book. About $15 on Amazon. Fantastic resource, especially if you have bird in hand.

  5. Soak them in a bowl of salt water overnight then rinse out the water slice them into strips and replace with teriyaki marinade for 1-6 hours. Garlic salt, pepper, and some Cajun seasoning. Olive oil in a pan on high heat, about 3 minutes on each side. Serve over some fried rice with a teriyaki glaze. My gf loves it and she swore she’d never eat those stinky ducks.

  6. Our dogs are damn near identical. Down to the gundog outdoors collar lol

  7. Makes sense. I guess I used to see hunting as a fairly casual thing to do once a year but the more I look into it the more I realize there is to everything, especially those dudes who optimize stand placement with terrain and feeders and all that.

  8. Another thing, have you seen the videos on here that show people at the range with absolutely ZERO muzzle awareness? One lady almost peeled her own cap while adjusting her ear pro. Why would I want to be anywhere near that when I can be in a (mostly) safe environment, in the middle of nowhere, with people that I can trust or at least say hey watch out mfer.

  9. Everyone is different, but I can guarantee you nobody is ready to hunt after one day of shooting a compound. That’s just unethical and ignorant.

  10. I honestly miss when trump was just some rich guy shitposting on TV instead of an actual US President that fucked around too much, like goddamn tell me that doesn’t fucking feel surreal that we elected an actual reality TV star as president

  11. I would just take that one in and say I need one of these or the equivalent. Some stores charge a “core fee” for not returning the old battery.

  12. My practice broadheads on my hunting arrows shoot just like this

  13. You know darn well white men are the reason those cards needed to be put up

  14. Let me get this straight, you asking me to mansplain it to you? Because of people like you the patriarchy is still a thing. Stop oppressing women!

  15. That video explains it great. So just leave one end on shore like you said, then put the other end out in the water, and with the wind they should naturally make a V of sorts?

  16. Yep, some people are going to say that it won’t work for mallards but in my experience a V or X pattern works well for all ducks. The wind should make them curve a bit but that’s fine. Good luck

  17. Can’t see his body well enough to properly age him. Also don’t know what state you’re in. I’d call it 3.5 just from his face. I’m shootin.

  18. I was kinda thinking that 3-4 range as well off what you can see if his body and antlers. And I believe I’ll be pulling the trigger if I catch him slippin

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