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  1. I once had 5 days to pack an entire 3 bedroom house. It wasn't enough time to do it properly and all my "friends" bailed on me. Get some boxes, a sharpie, several rolls of tape and a tape gun (trust me the tape gun is worth it).

  2. had a similar experience recently, had 5 days to pack up everything I owned (while working half-day shifts). I did the same, just got it in boxes as organized as I could and then LABELLED EVERYTHING (this step is crucial lol)

  3. I thought I was some sort of classic because I'm not particularly tall or curvy. what made me settle on SD was tracing my silhouette in a photo and seeing an undeniable vertical and narrowness. I disregarded D because I've always looked awful in anything that's not form-fitting or clingy in some way lol (and while I have some vertical, it's not super prominent).

  4. she says people are accepting gifts but not sending them back?? please don’t do this

  5. I'm on my cellphone and I didn't see your shoes at the first time. They are really nude! You look great in those outfits. i think you be great also with shoes in other colors.

  6. they all look great. I think mini skirts work for leggy SD's. We keep our vertical with all that leg.

  7. thank you!! agreed, and these heels are pretty high lol (I think 3.5 or 4 inches)

  8. absolutely. I've always felt awkward and unattractive, but when I started learning to do makeup reasonably well and wearing more form-fitting clothes and figuring out what to do with my hair, I noticed the difference in how people would treat me. on the days I'm wearing makeup at work and a belt to define my waist in my uniform, customers treat me better (in some ways; some of them definitely assume I'm not smart) than when I'm bare-faced. the best results are when I'm wearing both makeup and glasses with my hair down, because people tend to see me as being smart because of the glasses but not "too ugly." I still don't feel pretty, and I'm the same awkward person I've always been, but when I have some coloured paste on my face I'm suddenly worth paying attention to. wild.

  9. I like the glam on you, but I would try softening it a bit! I find that liquid liner usually looks too harsh on me, so I like to do a cat eye with an eye pencil (you could also use shadow and an angle brush), and I use brown instead of black because my colouring is fairly light. sometimes I also add a little crease shadow for extra oomph, but the cat eye with a brown eye pencil and dark brown mascara is my go-to bc it only takes 5 minutes lol

  10. Thank you ! I definitely agree as well! I’ve ordered a brown eye pencil for a soft look and a brown liner too! But I completely want to do the eyeshadow and create that shadow by my lash line more and a natural depth to my eyes but not black as I also have light skin and black is too harsh on my muted complexion! I really been looking for a brown mascara too but can’t find one anywhere! I love light and quick makeup ! And want to find the best way that bring out my eye shape and suit my face!

  11. no, I'm an SD and I've never felt sexy or like a bombshell. if I dressed in SD recs I'd feel like everyone was thinking "who does she think she is?" now that I know about kibbe, I try to accommodate vertical (by dressing more monochrome than I used to) and some curve (usually with stretchy fabrics), but I'm not going out dressed like jessica rabbit lol

  12. You need a tubing mascara! This always happened to me before I switched to tubing mascaras. I like Kevyn Aucoin’s The Volume and the Hourglass Unlocked mascara.

  13. Clinique lash power or high impact zero gravity. The zero-gravity actually curls and tubes!

  14. Perhaps it was Balenciaga L'essence? Or Lolita Lempicka EDP?

  15. rendering small detail is a challenge for me too; here are some techniques that have been helping so far:

  16. this is great! it's loose without sacrificing detail, and the brush texture lends a grainy old-photo feel; it reminds me of a tintype. great job!

  17. I love that he was so excited and then at the end just mlem’d the sock!

  18. it's hard to see but he actually flung the sock and grabbed a leaf by accident, and when he realised it wasn't the sock he dropped it like "wait ... that wasn't the toy I started with"

  19. I saw this exhibit IRL many years ago. It is stunning.

  20. I LOVED those dresses on her, especially the red and white one! I love fashion that makes people look otherworldly and intimidating 🤍 (especially on the red carpet, I mean go big or go home right)

  21. yes, because I hate being too warm so I wouldn't wear pants in hot weather, and I don't want to wear skirts every day and risk my underwear showing while I'm trying to run around and live my life. unfortunately it's VERY hard to find shorts that look good on me. my faves are from smart set (bought a long time ago) and are very simple-looking, and made of a sort of slightly stiff fabric so they don't settle into any creases. I think of them as being "strict" with my lower half lmao. they're not high-rise because I have narrow hips so I tend to look very bloated in high-rise shorts. the only thing I don't like about them is that they're a dark navy, so they really contrast against my legs (I got them before I knew I had vertical). if I don't have to look fancy I usually just end up wearing running shorts. but yeah, trying to find shorts that work for me is a nightmare 🙃

  22. I'm an SD and some sort of spring (I lean slightly warm and slightly bright from neutral), and I'm having the same trouble. it isn't particularly colourful, but I've always liked how I looked in grey (as long as it's neutral and not cool), so I just ordered a shirt, shorts, and shoes in a grey close to the shade value of my skin, and I'm going to see if it works. as other comments said, you can also wear different colours in the same shade value and it should maintain vertical. one day I'll carve out some free time and try making some example outfits lol

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