1. Damn that's good, I never even attempted the haybale delivery. In my experience I find the more i try to do at once the more the game messes me up. So i just decided baby steps at a time and then proceeded to get killed by cousin.....

  2. I did it with grabanything mod and gifu box truck mod

  3. No way we can drive the edm 500 in my winter car?!

  4. What was i supposed to see? Everything looks fine

  5. I cant really do anything other than creepy music, darkness, and bad headlights

  6. But why would it be a horror game?

  7. And it’s not hard to take the dirt road. Just don’t go over 80 and you should be fine.

  8. Im always flying at 110kmh with an almost full shit tank with little to no issues

  9. It does take some skill but when you always drive on the dirt roads you kinda get used to it and i kinda remember where can i really push the limits and where i cant

  10. Just replace it with a pipe, if you dont have it they cant steal it

  11. Depends on the car but mostly yeah lol

  12. I did look at the wheels and they made by Work. Never heard of them.

  13. Think its the vs series but im not too sure

  14. Happened to me a few times with forza horizon 4, its just the servers having some issues right now.

  15. When you started it was proabably very cold

  16. I ruined almost all deliveries in ETS2 with beer on board. My actros starting to feel like SLS lol

  17. It kinda just came first to my mind but ok lol

  18. So youre gonna make this masterpiece and not give us a share code?

  19. Sorry I didn’t know but look up JordanRose10000 and you’ll find it

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