I really like painting in the details, I hope yo’ll enjoy looking at them!

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  1. Was there excess paper that may have flapped up onto the upper heating elements or gotten into the convection fan?

  2. Looks like the generator off of a bicycle used in powering headlights. Either that or an electric motor for an electric bike.

  3. Why does everyone get so hung up on jet fuel/metal composition/thermite when it doesn't matter? The twin towers fell EXACTLY as a controlled demolition would have. That doesn't just happen. It's intentional. It doesn't matter if the plane was filled with already molten metal or thermite or whatever. It wouldn't have been possible to cripple the entire structure in the exact same way that a controlled demo occurs.

  4. Curious as to why if someone was trying to cause death damage and destruction they’d make a clean collapse? Wouldn’t it have been better for them to have it too over and take out more stuff?

  5. I don't think they were just causing death and destruction. I still hold that it was a spectacle to convince and rally the people behind an invasion in the middle east.

  6. Then why go through the extra effort to make it a clean fall and not just take it out without precision which would require less planning and resources?

  7. Do you guys go with any GoPros or audio recording devices? Any pictures of the structure you all saw?

  8. We have a few of the structure but no audio. Besides the event that kicked it all off in 2016 at alpha and the 300lb owl hoots at bravo later that year? Maybe 2017 There had been zero audio to record. We really focused on buying night vision and thermals. Since the Charlie scream we have gotten 1 tree knock. It’s something we need to purchase if we want to step up our game.

  9. I used to park pulled in until I got a truck. My truck has the turning radius of a jumbo jet and is incredibly hard to park nose in. When I back in I can use the mirrors and backup cam to get in as far as possible and also know where my edges are much easier.

  10. Incredible. Really enjoy getting lost and exploring all of the nooks and crannies!

  11. Where are you located? I didn’t think any dealerships received any of the ‘23 Sorento PHEVs yet.

  12. I had a PHEV Pacifica. In my opinion they are worth a premium if you average the 30 miles or less driving to the store with the occasional travel beyond the phev battery range. I would only put gas in about once a month. There’s also the fact that your ICE parts aren’t as active, prolonging the life of the engine since they aren’t in use as much.

  13. Will KBB write you a check? And the market has changed that much in 7 days that now features are available? I doubt a dealer will give you more than you paid for it 7 days earlier, as now it's a "used" car.

  14. I do understand that and would expect a lower offer since it’s now technically used…. Wasn’t sure if dealers would take into consideration the KBB value. I noticed the dealer was selling used vehicles for the same if not higher price than a brand new vehicle.

  15. Zitos. It's barely changed since I used to go there in high school. Still great sandwiches and friendly staff.

  16. There’s a really good and active FB group called San Antonio Restaurants that is a really good source! That being said look into the Pearl area of the city, all of the restaurants there are good!

  17. They have a problem with reclaimed rain water. I keep my water from showers, baths, laundry and dishes. You literally just let it settle a bit, and the soap solids come to the top. Pull that off, and then empty the buckets on your lawn at night before bed.

  18. I think it used to be illegal, but it’s totally legal to harvest rainwater now:

  19. I'm going off the SAWS definition for water waste here:

  20. It’s in the ordinance that is posted in your link. Take a look under stage 2 and “irrigation for new landscapes”

  21. Caught bruh with his dick out and everything 😂 try and deny that one, fucker.

  22. Smell them. That will give a big clue. They could be meat based, cinnamon, or other plant base. Upon smelling it will narrow it down significantly.

  23. ….But Puerto Rico is part of the United States! Why are the separating it out!?

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