1. Do you know what my bites could’ve been from?? All over my body in spots, but my boyfriend remained completely fine (we stayed for 3 nights)

  2. Hi there! This is an automated message to remind you to please include a geographic location for any ID requests as per the

  3. I am very overweight and have been on keto, i just recently learned that keto bread (for example) can still kick you out of ketosis as it raises your blood sugars too much. I want to avoid this happening.

  4. You can get keto strips to test your urine in a much less invasive way.

  5. But those check if I’m in ketosis or not which is less helpful than specifically identifying foods that raise my blood sugar levels!

  6. Washing it with fabric conditioner and blow-drying + brushing it once it’s in a near-dry state should help.

  7. Noah Absalom for neuroscience!!! That man was so cool and such a great guy overall. I hope he does well! Noah if you’re reading this, good luck in Med school!!

  8. Why would someone want to move in with a house full of boys, just to hangout with your boyfriend more? if they were serious they could live with another couple in a rental. cant wait for the reddit update for the drama.

  9. I didn't say rent one room from a random family of 5. Did you even read my full comment? Renting a 2 bedroom with another couple is a lot cheaper and nicer than your situation right now.

  10. I’d put red over it first to fill the highlights in so they don’t turn green and then do black.

  11. Would you recommend me using Madison Reeds “color reviving gloss” in shade amaretto to bring some caramelly brown back in?

  12. Can i do that now? Or should i wait for my hair to “heal” more? Someone told me to wait 3 months and i didn’t know if that was excessive.

  13. Can i do an all over red to make it easy, or should i only do the high lighted strands

  14. Smfh patriot circle is almost notorious for speeding drivers because it’s a huge loop. Stay safe out there. It’s not you, it’s these drivers!!

  15. I have a server on discord that’s also under UMD and I’ve had people join and push “join this Christian server! We need to be saved by Jesus!!!” And then they leave/get kicked???? Like why

  16. Congee, a simple one with chicken and ginger is good.

  17. Came to comment this!!! My absolute favorite is with tilapia, ginger, and a bunch of white pepper!!!

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