1. No buddy, there isn't a Raven one, you're better off never expecting Raven or any other GR character that isn't kat to have this sort of art, people in this community care for other characters as much as sony cares for this franchise.

  2. Each sequence should have an option to replay it when you're looking at the different missions. It's as simple as finding the memory you want to replay and then clicking the button.

  3. Thanks! I was planning to do a Raven piece at some point to go with this one!! ✌️

  4. When your killing them to easily but man if that happens to me I would let him get a time out I would have left I go on about my day

  5. It's the default colour, which can remain visible if the character's skin fails to load.


  7. Red is the imposter now he has to take care of all the kids off every one he killed

  8. You're welcome. What's your Among Us name? (If you want to share ut of course, no pressure if you don't want to share it.)

  9. Me I had the exact same problem although we could not leave because the walls were invisible but yet they were still there we died because of lack of oxygen because then imposter

  10. You forgot one button pusher pushes the button at the very beginning of every match

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