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  1. I'd love to gift my DM this, they deserve the appreciation

  2. Hi! I just wanted to drop a comment here, because I know that a lot of Reddit mobile apps don't show chat notifications and I'm not sure if you saw my last one. If not, please message me! I'll give you my email address as that will probably be easiest way to get all the info ironed out. :)

  3. They both look incredible, and I am sure whoever wins will be very satisfied with the items. Do you make the patterns by hand? Do you have like a stencil that you follow? Even if you do use a stencil that is still really cool.

  4. Thanks! The dice trays are my own patterns—for leatherwork I create my own stencils and hand cut and finish the items. The pouches are a hybrid—I based it on a design I had from a while back, but made several modifications and changes and created a new pattern.

  5. I'm no expert, but I can take a few guesses:

  6. Tangential the point about covid, I think a lot of people also realized that it was a great way to actually do something with friends/family members that are scattered across the country (or the globe).

  7. Are there variations or potential variations you could add to your product? You could list each of those as a separate product. I've seen this done before where it seemed to work well—a recent example I can think of was a shop that sold wallets. There were only two main designs but there was a listing for each color/material variation.

  8. Kingdom Death does some great male pinup miniatures for their game, and I appreciate them for that. GIS will show you most of them, but here's a

  9. Watch him on Barton Fink. Absolutely riveting.

  10. yeah i just set up my own domain and website. it is brand new so i dont have high expectations of actually making a ton of sales, or even ANY sales =P

  11. Hopefully you won't take this the wrong way, because I'm absolutely not trying to be a jerk! I know you said you're just getting started with your site and are still making changes, and honestly I probably have no room to speak, since I've had my own site up for several months now and I still don't have all my products listed, lol.

  12. no, thats ok, i can take constructive criticism. i got pretty thick skin, i think you gotta take all critism as a space for improvements.

  13. I definitely want to say that your site looks good! It's clean and simple (huge plusses in my book), I like the colors, and your product photography is great. Well lit, inviting, and the way you've used the fabric backgrounds really complements the quality and style of your work. I also like showing examples of your categories with the photos up front like that. It gives a great idea of what your brand is without having to dig around—what you make and offer to customers. I know some people use slider images or heroes, but a lot of the testing data I've seen shows that those really don't work as well as people think. Users tend to ignore them and scroll down to get to the actual products.

  14. I don’t know why but it remind me of face hands guy from pandas labyrinth

  15. If only it was widescreen then it would have been the perfect background.

  16. I loved how challenging this picture was (in a good way!). I had to really pay attention to the details of not just your features, but the muscles of your face, to make sure I was getting the expression right - any little changes gave it a completely different feel. I don't think

  17. I wanted to do the whole scene, but I ran out of time. So here's a version with

  18. Love the lighting in this picture! Wish I'd had time to add the background.

  19. This is absolutely gorgeous: realistic, but you still maintain your beautiful artistic “flair”. One of my favs I’ve ever seen on this sub!

  20. Yeah...masks...🤫 Less you know, the better 😆

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