1. I can’t be the only one that is curious what Harden would average if he was playing like how he did on the Rockets now. I’ve noticed this year that he’ll often start going for it in 4th quarter in close games and will look like his old self instead of deferring to Embiid and Maxey. He’s lost some of his speed but his step back 3 is still as good as it’s always been.

  2. Well, I'm not sure he would have the stamina to do this all game these days, it's honestly better for his situation for him to be able to do this in spurts where it is needed, rather than having him do it for 40 minutes a game. But his game is aging gracefully, CP3 level playmaking, still has the step back three, and can past the defender when it counts, even if he's not doing it every time he touches the ball these days.

  3. Late career Embiid when he can't bang low anymore is just gonna be him stretching the floor a lot and really upping his 3 point game, can't wait to keep watching him for years to come.

  4. Ben Simmons went from "Magic but better" to "basketball player who's afraid of the basketball".

  5. Ben could be in HoF discussions for hot potato though

  6. This alone will make the harden trade always be worth it.

  7. I spent two years there and after the waterfront it’s just suburbs and strip malls.

  8. I would get the appeal more with better and easier access to the city proper. But pretty much the only way between Vancouver and Portland is the bridge with maybe the most traffic in the city, and no light rail options.

  9. Pretty much happens pretty consistently where people don't know what it is in Iron & Bronze, and sometimes even Silver & Gold.

  10. I always make sure to have spare batteries on my person

  11. 12th seed with Hali last year, 3rd seed this year, and they got murdered? lol

  12. I think they got what they wanted. I think long term if the goal is championship or bust, it can be considered a questionable move. But for a franchise that at this point just wants to taste the playoffs, this move helped them do that.

  13. We won’t. I would be absolutely shocked if we actually made a half decent trade at the deadline.

  14. Kork was supposed to be one of those guys, but couldn't hit anything last year. And last year Joe was hitting those shots in preseason and couldn't hit anything for us in the regular season. Joe needed time to fail to develop and get his confidence up, he wasn't getting that here. I think Kork too probably could shoot his way back into being a 40% 3P shooter, but we are not giving him that long of a leash here. If you can't come in and do that almost immediately off the bench, you're not much use to a team looking for a top seed.

  15. Here's a few semi-similar stuff I found on amazon:

  16. Would they need to recast Ellie? I can't imagine the current actress would look anywhere near old enough 2 years from now.

  17. She's 19 right now, think she'll be fine to play older Ellie.

  18. Sadly, most people believe they are better drivers than a computer. And some of the ones that know they aren't are still against it because "freedom".

  19. I still have an old boomer second cousin that gets upset when a woman drives him. He drives intoxicated all the time. He'd rather drive home drunk himself than let his sober wife drive him home. You think he's gonna let a computer drive him? He's a dying breed somewhat, but they still exist.

  20. I thought the same but then he made The Batman, which was arguably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. So I don't have any faith in him.

  21. Lol, you don't see a lot of movies if it was one of the worst movies you've ever seen. It had flaws, it's not close to BB or TDK for me (though better than TDKR and Affleck batman), but I wouldn't rate it lower than a 6/10.

  22. …Agreed that they’re not up to his peak prowess but I wouldn’t use the term awful. I’d save that term for the Point Break remake for instance

  23. Yeah, none of his stuff is awful, some movies are certainly very mid though.

  24. Land's End has tall sizes. Has anybody worn them? I'm trying to decide where to buy a puffy jacket because everybody has them on sale, and 32 degrees has them for $25, but Land's End is the only place with tall ones.

  25. Got my Land's End one in today. Not the tall size so can't comment on tall sizing, but it's really high quality for the price. Will definitely be warmer compared to the 32 degrees one which is only 650 fill down, compared to this Land's End one which is 800 fill, the same as Patagonia and other high end Down jackets that normally cost over $100.

  26. I mean Sharpe is averaging 7.5/2.5/0.5 on 53%TS.

  27. He's only gonna get better if they do throw him into the fire. Same with Simons. Dame gets to go to a contender (most likely), and Blazers get hopefully future prospects and picks to start going on the path of OKC and Utah, who are both ahead of them currently anyways and they aren't really necessarily trying to win.

  28. He'd be above fox if he got the chance to be the guy on his own team. Kid's special.

  29. Eagles are looking unbeatable so far

  30. Lol. Well this sub claims it’s racism when a black player doesn’t win MVP. 83% of the NBA is black and like 3 or four white guys over the last 50+ years have won the MVP and they’re HoFers

  31. Nah it's not racism for him not winning the MVP, it's racism that Jokic gets breaks for things Embiid doesn't get breaks on. Consider the discussion about dirty plays, Jokic has a way worse lowlight reel of being a dirty player than Joel objectively speaking.

  32. I remember that thread about Jokic “passion”. Pretty sure I responded to that guy too. Fucking wild the way people break their backs to defend that dude.

  33. Yup you did. Here it is if you want a trip down memory lane:

  34. Thank you Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, W. Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden. We haven’t really had a president who wasn’t corporatist since FDR.

  35. Okay, but relatively speaking, it got WAAAAY worse after Reagan, and yes obviously hasn't recovered. Yes, presidents after FDR were more corporatist but even during Eisenhower the top marginal tax rates were in the 90%. Reagan is single handily the main reason for the destruction of the middle class, don't spread the blame too much. He really was the start of it all, and now worshipped by half of the country and even a lot of moderates, despite being maybe actually the worst president ever for the middle class, like Herbert Hoover level bad when you see what his economic policies have led to.

  36. Why would he change his playstyle when midrange shot on elbow/nail is automatic? Harden + Embiid PNR is a cheat code when Embiid splashes a 15 footer, why would they stop running that?

  37. The rules were different in the 80s and 90s, with the illegal defense rules doubling was a lot less common. Embiid would gladly post up almost anyone if he got 1v1s, but yeah being doubled every time you touch the ball near the post is not something the past bigs had to deal with nearly on Embiids level.

  38. My only complaint is that she can't reel in Alaa when he's too much as well as Zoo did. But she herself gets better every game

  39. Zero chance we catch the Celtics unless one of their key guys gets hurt for a long period. They’re a great team and we’re not gonna play 5 games better than them.

  40. I won't say zero, because we face them 3 more times. But we definitely have to beat them all 3 times or else it may as well be zero.

  41. Well there goes my excuse that "it's too cold to run outside I'm just going to bike indoors." Copped.

  42. Yeah, should be excellent for winter runs.

  43. Hoping for the full starting rotation tonight - my partner and I will be there repping the Sixers, too!

  44. Me and my so also will be there, should be a good game! Moda center is a fun stadium. First sixers game since moving from Philly to Portland this year.

  45. He’s clearly better than House or Furk but keep inhaling that copium guys. Could’ve been a nice depth piece

  46. It's not copium, he would literally never get the chance to do that here. Wish NBA was like soccer where you could loan players to other teams for development , but short of that he would never get the opportunity to shine like this here.

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