1. Fast forward to today and you have the top teams, maybe 15-20 middling teams and the rest are tanking, nice!

  2. Garland is not a top 30 player, definitely not better than Edwards, JJJ or KAT

  3. The record everyone wants to see him break in MSG

  4. You know LeBron’s excited to play in MSG cuz he’s not drawing this out over the whole day like he usually does

  5. To be fair, Nembhard is a lil older than Ja’s usual victims

  6. I think both should make it, I don’t believe Lowe’s take is anti-Knicks as much as it is pro-Raptors (Canadian wife), man said OG could go for a “D. Mitch-like haul”

  7. Yeah, perfect time to publicly pressure the Nets FO for an extension, this guy hates when things are going well

  8. More like Saul Gone Sandwich am I right??

  9. We’re really gonna get Brick as sixth man I’m sick

  10. Wow that’s a lot, don’t they know Cam isn’t playing?

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