1. I’ve seen this screenshot before here. I don’t think this is even your pic.

  2. My comments are specifically focused on the translation aspect though. I even stated that the racist remarks were absolutely vile & I made a comment to someone saying OP traded nudes for this tattoo thar it was horrible for them to say such a thing so... I don't know where you're mistaking my comments for excusing comments like that or saying that translation is more important or even trying to overshadow them.

  3. Nah you’ve disagreed with those things, by no means are you as awful as those people (although they’ve set the bar remarkably low). Thing that often gets misunderstood in online discussions like this is that because me and you disagree on something, people automatically assume we think the other person is bad or we don’t like them, and that’s not always true. We can respectfully disagree and discuss things without being hateful towards eachother or getting personal. Guess the other commenters just didn’t get the memo lol

  4. I just said that you disagreed, in my previous comment. As in you agreed with me that they were terrible things to say

  5. Curse of Strahd, and my pfp is actually my character, a Wizard Tiefling named Sydalis!

  6. Welcome to the group, I regret to inform you the addiction doesn't ever get any easier.

  7. These people are so easy to spot, they all have the “peaked in high school” energy

  8. Cool, idgaf - I’m also trying to rile people up and piss them off, bc I know they can’t POSSIBLY FATHOM THEIR DEAR COD BEING BAD! Probably bc I played too many violent games as a kid, so now I’m a bit maladaptive. If I was trying to change ppls minds, this would not be the forum or how I would go about it. I just didn’t want it to go unchallenged - someone has to speak up for the other side.

  9. Ah yes, because what better way to “speak up for the other side” than go to a Reddit comment section and say “I want to rile people up and piss them off”. Like I said, just enjoy the post or go find a hobby. Cool story though.

  10. My pfp is actually my artbreeder rendition of my dnd Tiefling, Sydalis! Think you could please do her for me? I could also dm you an hd version since it’s not the clearest lol

  11. A junk drawer with yellowed clear tape, string, a screwdriver and a key to an unknown lock

  12. Yeah it’s weird of him but he brought up sexual stuff a solid dozen times and you just kept talking to him

  13. I was about 6 or 7, I was walking on all fours like a dog and I dropped a bit shit in my backyard... nobody believes me but I vividly remember doing it

  14. CIA couldn’t get that information out of me. Were there any witnesses? Didn’t your parents question the human level waste in the garden?

  15. So does that mean the electric current would actually reach, say, the other side of the earth through the sea, but the shock wouldn’t be noticeable anymore?

  16. Water (especially clean non salted water) is a terrible conductor so even a very high charge won't go very far in most water.

  17. For me it’s gotta be princess Diana at number one, with second and third being Robin Williams and Alan Rickman. I knew the last two in life, but Diana died a few years before I was born yet to this day I wish she were still alive. Knowing how she was and learning how she died genuinely saddens me

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