1. Head over to the friend code mega thread. It’s stickied at the top.

  2. Why do people think it’s okay to make left-hand turns from the right lane of a 2 or more lane road?!? I see this all of the time this sub and I can’t imagine for the life of me why anyone would do this. Though I suppose these are the same people that probably just change lanes willy nilly without even checking their mirrors, let alone their blind spots. It’s really mind blowing.

  3. Thank you so much! This is rlly helpful!

  4. Make sure the white table (pink checkered diamond on the top) is not favorited in your inventory (not the crafting menu) and/or not placed somewhere in your cabin or campsite. Or just craft another one. It’s needed to craft the table with the table with the solid hot pink diamond on top.

  5. When “⭐️Favorite” is greyed out, it means it’s a villager’s special request item. To find out which villager and what level unlocks the item (typically level 15), search the item on

  6. I would probably still text and also write letters. I would try to keep it lighter but I would say what you want to say. That you respect that she doesn’t want to talk but you need to tell her how much she means to you and you love her and just want to keep chatting. Maybe she doesn’t want to handle everyone’s emotions right now, or manage their expectations or ideas about her decision. She might not be ready to handle saying goodbye or big emotions either.

  7. Best bet is to clear a few of the other gold islands to limit the pool. The gift islands go pretty quickly!

  8. I don’t hate pastels but I much prefer neutral tones. I think the thing that occasionally irks me is the quantity of pastels they release in a given month.

  9. i think there was one year where christmas season was neutral, there were sweater dresses and cable knits which was nice

  10. I’m looking forward to the reissued clothes this month more than anything else probably! Maybe you’re referring to the

  11. I usually wait until I have 99 each and then eat and sell. I’m currently in the 70’s so it’s getting close to that time.

  12. That’s weird I’m on level 6 and it’s says it’s full when I wanna with my mailbox. I played a little b4 like 2 yrs ago and then downloaded it again so my data from last time is still there so I didn’t want to restart fresh

  13. I’m guessing your mailbox has items like Essence and materials (cotton, steel, etc.)? When you first start out, they limit how many of each you can have in your inventory. So your best bet is to craft something you need that uses those materials and then collect them.

  14. Definitely pad your friends with those who sell them. I actually have both for sale now if you want to add me. 7989 7227 164

  15. yes, I saw that after I made this post 😳

  16. It happens. I personally think the older style is cuter! Probably why it’s not a reissue this month. Was it originally a winter item too?

  17. It took me some time too. Normally, because the golden islands are prioritized, they come up without much effort (or shall I say bells). But because they also released the 3 purple gift islands AND the cookie islands, there are more gold islands competing with the one island you want. Just keep rolling, it’ll come up eventually.

  18. You can pass classes without having a single piece of the correct furniture, though won’t get all medals. You can always go back and get them though. If you let us know what class, we might be able to suggest alternatives.

  19. I think I mentioned this would be a good idea about a year back to this community. But there were issues like not being able to have more than two sticky posts and then new users just being lazy and not looking for a) previous threads on it and b) not taking the time to literally just Google something. I think it's a great idea to have an FAQ as if people do post a question, a user or mod can just go, it's actually answered in here links to FAQ.

  20. I was told the same when I originally reached out to them about the idea but they mentioned they could link to it.

  21. Not to be a downer, but you know the REASON why those topics are posted over, and over, is because the people posting them never take the time to read sticky posts, or forum rules, right? Rule #4 is literally not to post about cookie hauls, king fish, post pictures of the load screens that we've all seen hundreds of times on our own devices ("low quality posts"). All of those things get posted daily.

  22. Not a downer at all. I did actually think about this. My thought is that when someone joins our sub and asks one of these questions, instead of answering it for the 849374th time, we can all simply refer them to the FAQ. When looking for their answer, my hope is that they’ll notice all of the other good stuff covered and will refer back to it the next time before they post a question. I don’t know about you but when I have a question, I want the answer now and would prefer not to have to wait for someone to respond. Plus, it’ll also help the 8 people who actually read those things first.

  23. I want to add that it’s always better to prioritize Event classes over regular classes. If you’re trying to collect medals or HH material, use all of your tickets on the event classes until you’ve either milked every last medal possible or have gotten the HH material for them, even if you don’t have a single item the class asks for as you can almost always use “Good Eye” substitutes to pass.

  24. Don't own it yet, but it was added alongside 2 audio files associated with it; one is Aloha K.K. and the other K.K. Country. If

  25. Sorry to spam you but from what I can tell, it looks like it plays the same songs as the Decade Dinner except that it replaces Only Me and K.K. Rock with Aloha K.K. and K.K. Country.

  26. I never even knew the diner one also rotated songs. Heck, I didn’t know this jukebox did either until I saw this post, lol.

  27. While I don’t hate the cookie selection, it’s funny that it’s called “Festive” but only contains 1 somewhat festive cookie. I wish they at least included Hamlet’s Chilly cookie since it’s not even being reissued this month.

  28. My cat decided she hated pine pellets about five months into using them and then helpfully soaked the carpet under her box. I miss the pine pellets.

  29. What about micro crystals? I find it traps the urine smell sooo much better than clayz

  30. I haven’t seen that much of a difference in brands but tend to get Dr Esley’s Senior for my old lady. I did find that larger crystals can feel like sharp rocks so I always get the micro crystals (which are Esley’s all have) so it’s more like sand.

  31. So, the main fight is back at Gunga mountains where there's AFO, Twice clone, Toga and Dabi. If Horikoshi gave AFO another "Oh, by the way I actually did x before all this" BS armor when he met Aoyama, OFA would have been taken already. Or if he had let Deku deal with Toga in Waterland in less than a second instead of talking, then there wouldn't be these Twice clones. Nevertheless, these happened and I can see Horikoshi is setting Hawks and Ochako as the "shining light" aa hinted before. The only "teleporter" I can think of is the USA jets who can fly both Uraraka and Shouto to the mountains to meet-up, because Endeavor looks so worn out and tired already that he needs Shouto to perk himself up.

  32. That's a very good thought and I think he should be able to. Monoma can hold four quirks at once and so he might even still have warp gate. I think Monoma is going to be a huge reason things could turn around.

  33. Even if he can’t copy double, I think you’re spot on that Monoma is the secret weapon here. Everyone’s wondering how the hell the hero’s will overcome this and see lots of mentions of Eri but outside rewinding maybe Bakugo or something, I just don’t see her being used that way.

  34. You don’t have to repay manipulation and pressure with kindness. You can also repay it with distance. You can opt out of time with her. I would.

  35. True but if possible, but kindness, when it works, makes the friend group dynamic so much easier if the wife comes around.

  36. Definitely! A lot of times the exact lighting I like is lights off but with the windows enabled but I don’t want the freaking windows, especially outdoor scenes.

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