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  1. Why not drop it at “my APs are different people than me, they are allowed to have their own experiences and different interpretations of those experiences than me”?

  2. I cannot because again like I said earlier their views are incredibly hurtful and harmful. I think peoples’ views on sexuality, race, abortion, art, etc says a lot about who they are as a person. I understand why they believe what they believe and that they are victims themselves. This does not excuse the things they say.

  3. is that a black moor goldfish?! I used to have one of those and it was purely black slowly turning orange

  4. Also I’ve found that dressing up nice is my number one motivation to go outside. If I like the way I look then of course I wouldn’t wanna stay inside. This is great bc it gives me motivation to have more life experiences. The more you put yourself out there the more interesting shit happens to you so it’s all connected.

  5. You seems like don’t have a deep root in your mind. So you are controlled by those things. You’re obsessed with it because you might not have a life goal or something you really focus on. Find yourself. Focus on you, not your friends.

  6. But what if my life goal is to have an interesting life and accumulate a lot of life experiences? I feel as though without having certain things I’m missing out on potentially great friendships. The idea that there is this possible positive outcome that I could reach that I’m not reaching freaks me out. Like I need to take the path that leads to ultimate satisfaction.

  7. Dude I’d be walking down the street and my mind will be constantly focusing on which direction I should look at and how to properly walk. When I’m comfortable I do these things unconsciously but unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often. Also if I’m sitting in class I’m thinking about where tf to put my hands. It’s weird shit like this I never see people talking about.

  8. lol yeah I’m pretty sure I have shit in the pantry I could use but rn I’m craving ihop. The celery in my fridge has gone bad sadly

  9. I’m queer and raised by a pair of fundie narcs. I ran away to college and I’m never going back. I’m in a club for queer students, and at a meeting, there was a girl there who had a trans girlfriend. She was absolutely shitting all over her mother for accidentally misgendering her girlfriend ( she doesn’t pass and the mom is from a traditional culture) and the mom was apologizing profusely for it. I’m sitting watching this and thinking about how I can’t even come out to my parents because of how evil they are. Your mom is legit trying and all you can do is treat her like that? Not to sound like a boomer here, but have a little gratitude. Even queer kids who don’t have narc parents still lose their families over their identity. I swear some people’s worlds end at the tip of their nose and they can’t see through any lens except the one they have

  10. Man I’m so glad I read that whole thing bc what you said could be easily misunderstood if you skipped to the middle all of a sudden 💀💀 but yeah you’re so right, I’ve noticed several times people don’t reward effort and it has consequences. One consequence is making the person feel like not even trying because nothing they do is right

  11. forgive me it’s around 3 am which isn’t too late I guess but I’m tired and type all sorts of nonsense at night

  12. The message on the video was not aimed at you or people in your situation. It was aimed at 20-year-olds who have a tendency to ignore their presumably loving, caring parents because of their individual needs for independence. There's nothing malicious about that message -- it's about thoughtfulness. Not everything online is aimed at universal appeal or messaging.

  13. I realized I gave the impression that it was just the video itself that bothered me but I have people in my life who criticize me and that was just something that was kinda the last straw for me

  14. And if you disagree I’d love to have an honest discussion about it rather than knowing people disagree and not knowing why

  15. I have this when dating. In my head is like cmon he just ruined his 2nd chance after a warning. Then my new me blocks them for unappropriate message because my profile says no sex.

  16. Bro I stopped speaking up when I was younger bc it was ignored and crying was discouraged

  17. When some people call you "annoying," they are likely referring to an aspect of your personality that a lot of people do not like.

  18. I have to rewrite what I said bc I accidentally deleted it. I never said this is happening a lot, I and many people on this sub are overly critical on ourselves. We may see fault in ourselves when there’s little outside evidence to back that up. Being called annoying by the two people we surround ourselves with is not a good representation of the population by any means. I agree with everything you’re saying but I think at a certain point we need to trust our friends. We can only develop true connections once we are unafraid to open up.

  19. Don’t let these annoying fucks take your pride and joy. They project all of their insecurities onto you and because they hate themselves so much they want you to feel the same way. They beat themselves up all the time so seeing someone genuinely happy ruins their day. My dad for example might say to stop going to parties and only focus on my work because that’s the “real purpose” of college. Well logically I know that there should be a work life balance. A life in which you only work to a goal that you may never reach is not a life at all. So basically listen to your own internal logic because you know deep down it makes a lot more sense than their black and white way of seeing the world. You can 100% go to parties and also focus on your academics at the same time. People who have just gotten out of a relationship or some shit may absolutely give up on the opposite gender. Don’t let them take away the real love you have for people. They’re just miserable people and they don’t see a life without being that way.

  20. And of course we all use every single function at certain points, just to different extents. This is how I feel as though Ni manifests in myself. Also knowing an Ni user has made me feel like I’m an absolutely delusional person. It’s like yeah you’re right I’m saying some really far fetched shit

  21. Don't get high then. I used to smoke tons of weed all day everyday and laugh and enjoy the feeling of being high. At some point it just started giving me anxiety and making me feel restless. Now I'll only smoke if I've had some drinks in me, and I only take a small hit. The alcohol reduces the anxiety enough for me to have some enjoyment again but smoking when I'm drinking also knocks me on my ass.

  22. Lol yup getting crossed leads to the spins and isn’t a fun time. I think I’m just gonna have to be the person who declines when everyone else is doing it. Not because I’m a prude but bc I can’t enjoy it no matter how hard I try. I generally have a hard time declining these kinds of things

  23. And it’s a very obvious pattern I observed. If I were to get high rn I can guarantee you it would be the same

  24. this sounds like the 7. also sounds a bit narcissistic/histrionic

  25. heard someone say though if you’ve always had an easy time coping in this fucked up world there’s probably something wrong with YOU

  26. And tbh based on what I say people have suggested a possibility of me having bpd, ocd, and cyclothymia. I am already diagnosed with adhd which came with depression and anxiety as added bonuses. I also find myself relating to a few autistic symptoms so idk what the fuck I am. I think at a certain point you have to make peace with the fact you may never know. Sometimes also ignorance is bliss and yk there are a shit ton of people out there who never even question the idea there may be something wrong with them. Maybe it’s just my openness for a diagnosis which is the problem. I also had this discussion with my friend about how so many of these disorders have overlapping symptoms. So yeah this wasn’t your intention but people saying this shit to me sends me down a spiral of me wondering “what if?”

  27. Grew up with narcissistic parents, probably developed some narcissistic traits. I’m also obsessed with learning about mental disorders so I guess it’s time to research about hpd

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