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  1. I bet Dr Loupis didn’t do shit to help any of them so why the fuck she care?

  2. No other event in CSGO history has affected a region so negatively. Because of this, Optic pulled out of India for CSGO and the professional scene there is basically dead as a result.

  3. Ha, American Dad did an episode on this. Jeff's nickname is "Cheese" and Steve is "Little Cheese"

  4. recession fears drive down oil price

  5. Read her essay and decide for yourself if she is either a hero or a monster (but you have to pick one, there can be no middle ground):

  6. This means bullish or bearish stock market today?..never understood how economics is related to stocks

  7. Considering the banks are failing this is still gonna be wild. But at least this is not another wrench in the system

  8. Oh no! I wonder how you'd feel if you were banned from owning any part of a Canadian company or rights to natural resources?

  9. Do not use tp for this u will end up with little flakes of it in the tuna. Use paper towels and you can get a nice flame which lasts for hours

  10. ☝️We need to shove family values down their throats via government takeovers.

  11. This! I went to the The Weekend and I didn’t expect as much weed use as there was. I hadn’t thought him as a “stoner” artist fan base.

  12. I imagine maybe Taylor Swift or Katy Perry concert would not be cool to smoke but it depends on the artist I guess. Buyer beware

  13. You seen the video of Billie Eilish interacting with the fan in Auckland while she smokes a J.

  14. That's funny, but yea these comments just be from a bunch of Karen's who just never went to a concert

  15. Are children being forced to attend Drag Queen story hour? Who's forcing them, the city? First I'm hearing about this tbh

  16. I guess that is a great question. Did the parents bringing them know this would be happening?

  17. Yes the parents knew and likely had to reserve a spot in advance. A lot of these are quite popular and spaces fill up quickly.

  18. When was the last time you had a bent tin can, apple core, banana peel, and fish skeleton sitting at the top of a bunch of dubious green sludge in your trash bag?

  19. I cook at home regularly, eat fish that I filet myself same toss the skeleton and use canned beans and veggies for meals. Only difference would be I eat oranges pears and bananas not as much apples. Green sludge is unfortunately normal in the heat too.

  20. Yes, mundane stuff like getting mail and taking a shower. Now translate that into the joke about Drake doing cartoonish stuff.

  21. Yea, I appreciate the description and the time taken to write it. It's just not for me, but that's ok. Enjoy your day

  22. Maybe that was my mistake. I actually wasn’t that big of a fan of the under water scenes. But, I did watch Avatar 2 before Black Panther 2 so maybe my expectations were subconsciously raised

  23. Is it worth the risk/effort to you? You never know if or how much it will pullback. You could be getting out right before it pushes even higher or be jumping in on a reversal and give back all your profits.

  24. Conditioning goes both ways. It sounds like this person was grooming them to be different if they tell the world they only let their kids go to LGBT spaces

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