1. I didn’t make the teir list. If I did I would have added some that were missing. I haven’t watched Ok KO, I have seen clips of Boxman, but I have no idea of who Venomous is. He might have been on the list, I just don’t know what he looks like

  2. the post says "My Villain Tierlist" ? if it isnt yours, then why say it is ?

  3. Sorry for being misleading, I meant my version of someone’s teir list.

  4. ah, i see, that makes more sense. It is a bit misleading, as the title suggests that you made the list entirely, but I get what you're saying now

  5. We are NOT friends anymore!!! /j also i just realized we're both jon kinnies

  6. I find jon relatable because everyone trests me poorly cause im stupid a childish, hope no one blows me up.

  7. I have too many to list, so i'm just going with the one I think of the most: Future Edd from Eddsworld.

  8. absolutely, heck, its one of my favorite shows of all time! And the best part is, its not just about some guy who goes around being angry all the time, but there is some story behind it, and honestly, if it were aimed at an older audience in the beginning, it would have done a lot better

  9. Ik, i meant like teens and young adults, not younger kids like it was! I feel like if the targetef age group was like,, 14-17, it would have done a lot better than it did!

  10. I'm currently working on a playlist! So far, most of my songs are related to my past, or being around my s/o, but there are a few goofy songs for scenarios. One of my personal favorites is Maps by Maroon 5, the scenario is me and one of my best friends are playing Just Dance, and that song is playing. I also have a lot of songs that I personally just really like, and a few that are directly related to my DR! I also have the song Like A Machine by Thousand Foot Krunch, because it makes me think of fighting, and kind of like a war vibe. (I'm shifting to a reality based off of an au of a show I like, and I'm a top soldier in the main army.) The song helps me think of training with my two best friends, and it also makes me think of the Leader of the army as well.

  11. Okay, so I had this huge list of things about Rob, but I rethought all of it so I'm giving the new answer :]

  12. Woah you did all of them! A little sad that 1 and 5 got passes :') but understandable nonetheless!

  13. My lock screen is a picture of my Hamster.

  14. aw, i love hamsters!! i bet its adorable! my home screen is a photo of my bearded dragon :>

  15. My brother had a bearded dragon. His name was Gillbert, which was weird because he didn't have any gills.

  16. Not that weird, mine's named after one of the ninja turtles though he isn't a turtle :P (Raphael, we call him Raph)

  17. My favorite movie of all time (A pixar film) was from ONE YEAR AFTER THIS (2012)

  18. This gave me so much motivation, especially since a few days ago I experienced my first minishift! I'm going to get my house to myself for a few hours tonight, I'm going to shift then! Thank you so much for the motivation !! ♡♤◇♧

  19. I hear Well Well Well in Eduardo from Eddsworld's voice, but I will read some things in his voice (Such as the note from journal 3)

  20. I want one so badddd, but idk if I'll ever have a chance to get one :(((

  21. https://www.monsterenergy.com/us/en/brand-finder

  22. huh, i just checked and it says theres one just down the road from where I live! I'll have to go get one asap :>

  23. So I think it's pretty obvious I like Tord if you check my channel.

  24. Coming from someone who likes almost every character (only ones i dont like are the Bullies from Surf and Turf Wars, honestly)

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