1. I really hope you're just trolling right now and not being serious at all. If you're serious, then I think you have a lot to learn about your OWN religion. You need to start there. You can start with all the wars committed for the sake of Christianity. Take a look at colonization and slavery as well and how those historically events were seen as just causes according to Christianity. Don't forget the issues of pedophilia with the church that has ruined the lives of more people than you could ever count. Don't forget the genocide of indigenous people all around the world because of Christianity. Don't forget the KKK, A CHRISTIAN terrorist organization in America.

  2. I see, again, wars committed by Christians hundreds years ago. meh

  3. Oh so now there's a time stamp? Even if you exclude wars (which is intellectually dishonest) you can't ignore the other concerns as valid during this current Era. So what you're doing is just making the criteria as you go. As soon as it doesn't suit you, you change the criteria. So this, along with your self-righteousness, lack of personal accountability and POST HISTORY has all the makings of someone who is radical and on their way to becoming an extremist. I hope you take note and heed this warning. this isn't funny. I think you're a dangerous person.

  4. Do y'all have boards in charge of the mosque, or how does the administrative stuff work?

  5. I can only speak to mosques in America but yet they usually have an executive board or board of directors/ trustees (or both) and they handle the administration stuff. Some smaller mosques don't have volunteers for this an the imam or community members help with it.

  6. Interesting. Do mosques have personnel akin to deacons in church?

  7. No. There isn't a comparable concept in Islam. Islam is pretty heavy on the personal accountability and autonomy as well. There isn't a hierarchical structure in mainstream understandings. We have scholars and imams but they aren't considered holy people or religious authorities like what exists in other religions. With that, This also lends to the idea that Islam doesn't have a concept of "excommunication" because there isn't any person who has any authority to say someone can't be Muslim.

  8. Awe man !!! I was coming here to suggest blue baker then realized they're closed (glad i check before posting). What a bummer. They had a really cool behind the scenes tour and kids got to make (and keep) challah bread. We took a homeschool group here years ago and it was such an amazing experience.

  9. I converted from Christianity to Islam (ultimately). I dabbled in quite a few things in between while trying to find my way. As a Christian I struggled with the core fundamentals. The trinity was something that was really illogical to me and no matter how i sliced it, it just didn't make sense and im just not the kind of person that can turn off what i understand intellectually and follow my heart. I also felt there were a lot of gaps in Christianity, as in there wasn't really a solid way to "live" by Christianity fully. Like when it came to guidance/rules/commandments/prohibitions etc. it just seemed completely arbitrary in regards to what should be followed and what shouldnt. Like we could ignore that women arent allowed to speak in church or are supposed to wear a head covering, but we should still hold murder and homosexuality as great sins but gambling and usury were kinda ok. Not that i encourage any of it, but it was a bit "willy nilly" in regards to what we considered sinful and what wasnt. So it just constantly made me wonder where o we stand? What do we stand for? Where is the consistency...and I just couldn't find it.

  10. I was a Theravada Buddhist monk in the Lao Forest Tradition. After I left the temple, I became a Muslim. Why? The essential teachings of Islam, if you leave out all the man-made extraneous stuff, is very similar to Theravada Buddhism, except with a much clearer theistic orientation.

  11. Oh I feel this. When I was struggling in faith I learned about Buddhism. I kept feeling like if it had a God concept then I could totally align with it. I wasn't a fan of trying to supplement God and the idea of my religion being "incomplete" bothered me a bit so I decided it wasn't for me but it did hold my attention for quite a while.

  12. I just said that she wouldn't be happy in jannah and someone would have to take care of her for eternity. God will give her another body for the world to come, but she won't be the same person. I hope she will live a long life if she is happy.

  13. Maybe you don't understand how Jannah works. People with disabilities in this life will not have the same problems in Jannah. Everyone will have their full mental faculties and abilities. No one will need a care giver.

  14. Oh wow. I was going out with my daughter when we rolled up to this scene. Thought the bank right there was being robbed. Wowzer!!!

  15. Is this a legit COSTCO sign-UP Promotion?

  16. I'm happy to update that It is. I just got the cash card TODAY. I purchased the membership the same day as this post. When i picked up my membership card, The clerk didn't know about the promo and couldn't give me any input about it. I had given up hope that it was legit because it has been so many days and then was pleasantly surprised today.

  17. I have literally told my husband I won't move to a city that doesn't have HEB. I love the Dallas area but what legit stops me from moving is that there isn't an heb every 10 miles like we have here. I know that's changing now and I'm looking forward to it. It's legit my main complaint every time I go to Dallas. I really wish HEB would do a warehouse store bc I do like to buy in bulk. It could be full of heb brands only and it would get all my money. Forget Sam's and Costco.

  18. My thoughts are that if this is essentially based upon something you just found the other day, then you really do need to do much more research about this. Being Muslim is more than just finding some of the teachings appealing, you have to accept everything. As there are very controversial and less well-known aspects, and I would really recommend looking at all sides.

  19. In general I think Muslims are well aware of the things you've mentioned. We also recognize that what you've posted lacks a lot of context and nuance which I'm sure you've left out deliberately to prove your point. That's your choice. But we also understand that the context is incredibly important and that a lot of the aspects people find so controversial are for very specific circumstances and also for a particular time in history which may not apply today.

  20. I'm a Muslim and was raised Christian. I do a lot of interfaith work in my area and on one visit at the mosque we hosted a group from the methodist church. They, out of every denomination we ever hosted, we had the most in common with Methodists. They were really shocked at how much overlap there was between the 2 and found that Muslims adherence to the teachings was more than they saw/experience with any other denomination of Christianity. It's fascinating. The pastor kinda jokingly said maybe he's actually Muslim because there were some things that he found to resonate with him more than what he found in his own faith. Saying this to say, you're surely not alone. If you need any help pr have questions regarding the transition from Christianity to Islam, I'm happy to help.

  21. I think it's important to recognize that being gay doesn't automatically mean that someone can't be a Muslim. If anyone makes you feel that way then there is a bigger sin upon them for their judgement and for denying you islam. I think this is a common misconception in our community. Sure we can acknowledge that homosexuality is considered sinful in Islam. So is lying, backbiting, heterosexual relations outside of marriage. You get the point? That even though something may be considered a sin, it doesn't exclude a person from Islam...so just as someone does these other things and are still considered as muslims, then so can a person be gay and still be considered muslim. But the person who breaks the salah is the one who has broken the contract with allah. We all sin in different ways. As far as I see it, being gay and the practicing Muslims who have boyfriends/girlfriends really are the same. People are tested in different ways. This is simply your test. Don't think of it like a disease, but it is a trial from your creator. Everyone faces a trial of some sort. I hope you get the help you need, faith aside, therapy might be helpful and I wish you all the best. As far as the religion, focus on the basics...the concept of God, pillars of Islam & Iman. Everything else is just a distraction until you're solid on the basic concepts.

  22. The thing is my sexuality didn't make me drift from the religion, it's my doubts about there being a higher power. I left Islam 2 years before I started thinking I might be queer. My sexuality is just something that's making it harder to get back. I know queer Muslims exist, I see a lot of them on my fyp on tiktok and I'm glad there are people I (somewhat) relate to.

  23. Understood. I think as far as belief goes, it's tricky. I was raised Christian and became Muslim so my lens is different. I had a significant stage where I was atheist and then agnostic. While in my stage of disbelief, came to the conclusion that I constantly recognized patterns/design within the environment around me and especially in nature (biology major in college). So as much as I tried to get away from a God concept, I couldn't ignore the fact that there was intricate design/order/pattern in everything that I was drawn to. so it made me recognize if there is design, there has to be a "designer". (Like in physics class when we discussed the fine tuning and balance of the universe which is essentially held together by an "unexplained force". ) I struggled with saying this "designer" is God bc I was angry but ultimately I had no other word/explanation for it. So that restarted my faith journey in seeking the truth of God which ultimately led me to Islam. This might not be your personal truth and of course that is up to you, but my suggestion is to start with questioning, with exploring your thoughts and doubts and digging in. Thinking critically should be a part of your faith journey just as much as it is the rest of your life.

  24. Reform Judaism and Progressive Islam exist.

  25. As a Muslim this is a strange concept to me. I say that bc I think at its core Islam is actually really progressive. So whenever there are "progressive movements" it really seems to just be going back to the core of Islam. Like I feel like Islam actually has a lot more "gray" than it does "black & white". We tend to make it seem as if Islam is really rigid and I find a lot of fluidity in many understanding and room for critical thinking that people tend to abandon. It's strange. Maybe I'm just missing what is really meant when people say "progressive" but every time I see the concept, all it really is is getting away from cultural norms/practices and societal regulations that often don't have much to do with Islam anyway. 🤔

  26. I always find it strange to celebrate Thanksgiving (aka genocide and colonization) in a place that has experienced genocide and colonization. Maybe yall can do something to support and acknowledge the natives of the land during this time and please just try to recognize that for many indigenous/natives/locals/in any part of America that it isn't often a day of celebration. Please be mindful of knowing as we visit places that holidays may not mean the same thing to others as it does to you.

  27. The costs!!! My first prescription glasses were over $100 and I was poor. Now they run closer to $300. So I learned about online spots for glasses (shout out to eye buy direct and zeelool). I'm sure there are others that are good, but now I know I'll never buy glasses from my doctors office again. I get the prescription and then just buy from one of these sites and can have 6 pair for what 1 would cost me at my eye doctors office.

  28. My last pair was $600. Granted I’m a chump who likes to try on my glasses at the optometrist and get them adjusted. I know I could save more by buying online. But I’m too anxious for that.

  29. Oh no. I get the convenience but wowzer. The online shops usually have good return policies if it's ever needed.

  30. That a newborn baby died because the mother looked at a hog while pregnant. The midwife actually had that on the certificate as cause of death. I couldn't believe it. (This was in NC...superstitious beliefs were/are wild)

  31. Wow this is how it was for me. I was raised Christian and am now Muslim. But when I started to struggle with my faith, I realized that in order for me to stay Christian I had to Essentially turn of my logic and follow "heart" which I couldn't do. As many denominations as I tried trying to did my way, there was always a disconnect between logic/ the conclusions I arrived at Intellectually and what I was supposed to believe (heart). I hit a point that I just couldn't reconcile and eventually gave up on being Christian. When I sought advice from folks more spiritually grounded the advice I kept getting was "you just have to believe" which just meant, stop trying to think and make it make sense. Blind faith just didn't settle well in my spirit. So here I am. I hope you find your way.

  32. I think people take your doubts as a personal failure. Like they'll feel like if they just loved you enough set a better example, showed you a different way, didn't push you so much as a child, explained this differently, hadn't let you read certain books, or go to college lol etc.etc.etc. they'll see your transition either as their own failures OR as a betrayal. It could go either way. This is the hard part. But what's harder is not being honest with yourself.

  33. Been using Turo and it's been great. Far cheaper than hertz, almost always more convenient than any big car rental company. No line to wait in. Can rent a variety of different cars in different price ranges, far more diverse selection than big rental companies. All around it's been a good experience.

  34. Yup came here to say use turo. I've got a van for about 10 days for about $600. It would've costs me at least $1300 with a major rental chain.

  35. There are plenty of statements above abd I agree with some of the points made. But I what's missing , that is a really important factor is that part of it is because Islam is really misunderstood in western countries in a way that I don't think exists about others.

  36. I’d like to know where these ‘reviews’ are, because Kualoa Ranch and the staff are amazing. The reviews online reflect that.

  37. I used trip advisor. I saw overall reviews which were high but then sorted by lowest rating and was surprised to see as many negative reviews (a few hundred) and that so many shared the same sentiment. So it gave me a bit of pause as I think the complaints are legitimate. I'm sure if I used yelp, or Google reviews I'd probably find the same, the best and the worst. So I'm just trying to round out my views about it to get a good picture of what to expect. Thanks for your input though.

  38. I only did the ATV ride and had a great time. Like the other poster said, you do get dusty but they give you a gaiter and goggles.

  39. I think mine are connected. I was severely anemic during pregnancy and needed iron transfusions. In the consultation the doctor explains some people may be irritated by it, Get a slight rash or have other insignificant symptoms. Rash? Hmm ok. .sounds like an allergic reaction. So I start googling and see the risks of allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, shock, death etc. Way more than just a rash. I like to mentally prep for worst case scenario, so that I'm not surprised but of course people try to reassure me how rare those negative reactions are. So I get the iv and as soon as it hits my veins I lose the ability to breath. Can't inhale. can't exhale. Feels like a truck just rolled on to my chest and feels like my lungs are ballooning and about to pop. Such a strange feeling. I very calmly say "I can't breathe" to my husband and he gets help. They took care of everything quickly and yay I'm alive but that was terrifying. Turns out that type of iv iron had way more adverse reactions than my doctor had let on but they told that had to try that one first bc they couldn't bill insurance for the other version until they tried this one. Literally gambled on my life because of insurance billing that won't pay for the good one unless you nearly die from the bad one. Ugggghhhh I hate this system.

  40. Ummmm not to flex, but I think that's me in the book. Brown skin hijabi ape stand up!!! Hahaha represent!

  41. Freedom of religion (no compulsion in religion), rights of safety, rights to property, preservation of churches & temples (even during war), forming/honoring treaties etc.

  42. Does this go for all religions? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that Muslims consider monotheist and polytheist religions differently.

  43. It's the same. Despite the most popular criticisms, at the core, Islam supports religious pluralism. There's a chapter in the quran addressed for non Muslims and it essentially says "we don't believe the same, but to you is your way and to me is mine". There were treaties during the time of the prophet with Muslims, pagans, and jews (Christians weren't prominent in the area but once they encountered them there were other agreements as well). What is encouraged is that when they are collectively attacked, that they collectively defend the region (religion and tribalism put aside). In general even during these times, the crimes & punishment of each group would be subjected to each groups practices/understandings (ex: if a jew committed a crime the punishment would be according to Jewish laws although in some circumstances they opted for Islamic law when it was more lenient.)

  44. IF you can pay it off with the credit card then this makes good financial sense as long as you can pay it by the time that the 0% intro offer is up (which you should be able to do easily if you keep the payments the same). But if not, then you could also open a different card with 0% intro offer and roll over the balance at the end of the first intro rate. But you have to be super careful about making the payments on time bc when they're missed then the interest kicks in and is usually very high (20+%)

  45. Omg so Im on this thread because I’ve been pursuing a career as an OB/GYN. (I graduated university last year and spent my time prepping for MCAT and applications and clinical experience and such.) But I’m almost feeling turned off by the OB/GYN track and leaning more towards being a midwife. Can you explain what you like more about midwifery versus OB/GYN?

  46. I should add that I'm not anti-obgyn. I definitely think there is a place for them within birth work and in general i think that should be reserved for high risk and true emergencies. The overwhelming majority of births are "normal" and don't require surgery, so it just seems unusual to have surgeons (obgyns) with such a specialty be the primary attendant on low risk normal physiologic happenings. Lol Like we don't do that with other specialties...we don't have an oral surgeon on hand when a 6 year old loses a tooth. It would be ridiculous, and such a wast of a valuable resource. So to me the ideal place is one where midwives and obgyns work together for the best outcomes of all. None of us win with the super competitive approach. I think midwives can/should handle low risk (normal) pregnancy & birth and obgyns should handle higher risk and emergency care that is out of scope for midwives.

  47. Not me, but my mom eventually really missed being able to get out of the house while my father was in in-home hospice care. She could make a quick run to the grocery store, but she felt like that was about all the time she could leave him alone for.

  48. I don't know about this specifically, but when I was looking into Judaism I also held the understanding that they didn't accept converts so that discouraged me. By the time I learned that they did, then it was a 2 years long process and at the end they could still chose to accept or reject you. I didn't like the feeling that my faith was in the hands of folks I didn't know. It made me strangely unsettled at my core so I figured that Judaism just wasn't right for me. (I'm black American and unfortunately there were concerns that that was a factor as well that it wasn't so welcoming to black people -but this was nearly 20 years ago... maybe it's different now)

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