1. Don't click on whatever link they send you. They are a spam/scam bot.

  2. Yup, That's the go to for my OM1 & 2/3 Additional Lens.

  3. You can, using the extra straps that come with the bag. They show you how to do it in

  4. I don't get how opening a pdf file can cause this. I thought pdf files are simple read-only documents so how come opening one leads to the code that reads pdf files to start searching your drive for browser data and then send session tokens to someone over the internet.

  5. PDF readers can have vulnerabilities in them. A bad PDF can exploit it and install a virus on your system. Also, PDFs are not simple or read-only. They can have JavaScript, or have writable spaces for forms.

  6. I wonder how many subscribers they lost from this. I saw the Tesla stream and just assumed I'd misclicked somewhere and had accidentally subscribed so I unsubscribed. I dunno how long it would have taken me to realise I wasn't subbed to LTT anymore if I hadn't seen this video.

  7. It's hard to tell since YouTube doesn't show exact numbers to the public anymore,

  8. The Steam version has been delisted,

  9. I truly hope nobody actually enters their SSN and info into this random game.

  10. Or just follow the instructions and use pen and paper. It's simple if you have a simple income.

  11. https://img2.reactor.cc/pics/post/full/Anime-%D1%84%D1%8D%D0%BD%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%BC%D1%8B-LAO-WANG-4963815.jpeg

  12. Is that different from normal rollback net code?

  13. Thanks to Overwatch 2, you can now slap a 2 on a major update for your live service game and call it a sequel.

  14. They're calling it "Counter-Strike 2", that creates an expectation of a sequel, so they've already set themselves up for that. It's the same problem Overwatch 2 faced.

  15. This isn't the first time they've made a sequel that wasn't really a full new game (Condition Zero, CS:Source and CS:GO). If anything, this should be CS5.

  16. I have been let down ordering "cherry blossom" cocktails that use cherry flavor. It dominates the drink and doesn't taste anything like cherry blossom.

  17. Fixed link for old reddit without all the tracking stuff:

  18. Why is this a short? You're cutting off most of the info

  19. Hey it's one of the 3 comics you can always just find at a normal store or a school book fare. Almost like selling them in places people actually go to works.

  20. How many times has a Touhou character popped into Mugen or SaltyBet? Western weebs have accepted them in one way or another.

  21. Always bet on the tiny girl with a hat

  22. My Quaxley koopy will be scannable and will unlock a unique Quaxley in the next Pokemon Rumble game that has unique stats. Therefore it is a sound investment.

  23. Also the version when Liam first left broke my fucking heart.

  24. Time to dust off those vintage Python scrapers.

  25. Or just use Twitter's own API key. Its been out there for years.

  26. There was one but it seems to be deleted?

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/Nijisanji/comments/11nm5xl/so_that_meanszaion_is_fired/

  28. My phone has died halfway through a trip, so I just jumped the turnstile cause I’m a gangster.

  29. I don't know if android phones do this, but you can use your transit card on your iPhone for a limited time after it dies.

  30. "Studio insider confirms allegations that the album is available on streaming services"

  31. What's the difference between the two apps? Creator's App looks like it's just a light-mode IEM

  32. Can I make a feature request? One that I think would blow this up Way beyond just one company or even vtubers.

  33. So I'm guessing physical media is going to go through the roof if there is no preservation of digital availability.

  34. It has been preserved by third parties, but you obviously can’t talk about that here.

  35. Huh? Why do you need to crack anything when it comes with Xcode.

  36. The iOS simulator isn't a real emulator. It only plays games built for your current system, not IPA files from the store. Until the M1 macs, it actually ran x86 versions of the apps (since the macs themselves were x86). Super Monkey Ball is so old that it doesn't work on modern ARM macs without emulation.

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