1. It's been so long since I've seen any CRT monitor in a thrift store. It's weird, because it doesn't seem like it's been that long since that's all there was.

  2. They all vanished years ago, Goodwill quit doing anything but recycling donated ones in 2015 or so. Used to be able to find them at independent thrift stores for a couple years after that, but no more. Guessing the public's appetite for buying them is close to nil, so they saw 'em just taking up space and decided to stop putting them out.

  3. Go to your local dump, they a a pain to recycle so they will gladly give one to you. Chances are if one’s going to the dump today it’s a working unit that’s being dumped because grandmas going to the nursing home

  4. I've tried, they won't let me take them. :(

  5. T470s doesn't support Thunderbolt.

  6. Nope. The script handles everything and even asks about CRT type, etc. Only an access to SSH is needed (So you need another computer)

  7. Yeah, the thing is, I have very little interest in emulation (generally) and absolutely zero interest in Batocera (specifically). I just want to output 15khz video, so I can do things like watch old TV shows the way they're supposed to be seen, or have a Halloween display with a pile of old TVs playing spooky-looking, surreal nonsense. So I need to see what all's going on and replicate it, but on my own setup.

  8. Well, with a CRT, emulation looks almost 1:1 to the original, provided you use the same cables. (NES looks a little bit fake on RGB, but composite looks legit) There might be some inconsistencies and minor digital processing, but emulation has come a long way (I remember how shite was to try to emulate Nintendo 64 10 years ago), but I understand the appeal of using original hardware. On my area, however, every original console seems to be either in awful condition, or sold by "professional resellers" for absurdly high prices. And this is the basic set without games and (hopefully) a composite cable.

  9. New bezel. They're like $20.

  10. Can I just purchase from any source? Or recommended to buy from Lenovo? I purchased my screen from a vendor on eBay with a good rep.

  11. Up to you. Don't know how prices are these days, but I got an X230 bezel straight from Lenovo (via Encompass) a few years back and it was like $15 shipped. I'd check there first.

  12. They cannot be removed, period. They can't be cleaned, because they're not dirt or oil — those are areas where the soft plastic has worn away or deformed due to the friction of things (the lid; your wrists) rubbing on it.

  13. You need to disable the battery in the BIOS before opening the laptop, like the HMM says. You broke it.

  14. Lite-On is still the best. I got a Chicony and it's not bad, but the Lite-On is much nicer.

  15. That eBay RAM is absurdly overpriced. I'd look around a bit.

  16. They probably mean the giant iMac in the back.

  17. Absolutely not a "driver issue" if it happens in the BIOS. Most likely, it's a faulty display cable.

  18. Looks like the startup menu. If you’re stuck here you either messed up your operating system install or boot loader. Id suggest launching into BIOS and checking if your hard drive is showing up as a boot device.

  19. I think they mean "why is the background red instead of black?"

  20. Oh, I've been looking for something like this! I'd love to grab it.

  21. They gave you so much food for $60. Have to wonder if their profitability and reviews would have been better with smaller dishes. Barely making it through half the dinner and then taking a veggie/leafy plate and a half that won’t be as enjoyable at home isn’t really ideal.

  22. So much, even though the prix fixe dishes were significantly smaller than the takeout ones. I never finished everything, and always had leftovers for lunch the next day. Really loved the food, staff was always super nice. Just one of the best restaurants ever, and I'll miss it horribly.

  23. Ah, a Check Nginx light.

  24. you mean in linux os? I use win os on x270. it is for my job - programming cars ecu and diagnosis

  25. Can't comment on the finishes on the T14 Gen 3, not seen one in the flesh ... yet.

  26. I have multiple 90s - early 00s ThinkPads where the rubberized coating has become a degraded, sticky mess.

  27. Oldest I've got kicking around are a T42 and T43. They're both fine.

  28. Oldest rubberized post-2000 one I still have is an X60, which is fine. I hope they just figured out how to make it last by then, but… I'm afraid they didn't. Only time will tell.

  29. Not an Emacs package, but definitely check out [VisiData])(

  30. Oh dang, this place had escaped my notice, but it looks like 100% my favorite kind of used bookstore.

  31. I'd consider most ThinkPads to be "utilitarian," and I think that's just fine. Not everything needs to be a status symbol. It's a computer, a tool for doing stuff. "Beauty" is inessential. It's not a Fabergé egg.

  32. I was confused on this too. I thought the stop point was equivalent of unplugging the charger completely. I didn’t know it still supplied power once reaching the stop point. I thought it would switch to battery power. Thank you for the info. Since I use my at a desk plugged in all the time, no need to unplug it?

  33. I’ve seen a few videos, but I don’t feel confident enough to try. I know that 99% I’d be ok but since I’ve got a 4 years old kid I don’t wanna to risk.

  34. It's very scary the first time you do it, and gets easier every time after that. You'll get used to it. If you're going to own arcade games, you're going to have to get comfortable with this kind of thing, even if you don't do the repairs yourself.

  35. Try another PCB on your setup to isolate where the issue lies. Preferably, a much less expensive one than SegaSonic the Hedgehog.

  36. No, but he autographed my Asteroids Cabaret.

  37. I could not find good books on this. The nice thing about CRTs was that you could feel them. Now with modern LCDs I cannot even see individual pixels anymore. I guess that I am too young for this. Some people make large fan fiction of star wars or dungeons and dragons, but with display tech it is all boring like in school with all the magic gone.

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