1. Yeah, my dad has one and he’s had it for as long as I can remember. Still looks great.

  2. Apparently they’re not related, but they call each “sister” and “brother”, so take that how you will.

  3. Back when Matsuda employed Daimler Benz inline 8s with 69 HP for their ultimate driving machine (the japanese man would not discover internal combustion engines until the Toyoda Supora Maaku 4)

  4. Should of mentioned how you can masturbate in a car, but you can't masturbate on a bike.

  5. Does having a dildo on the bike seat and riding that whilst cycling count? Let me find the video to show you what I mean.

  6. Really? I’m quite surprised, I live in Shibuya and I see Alpinas regularly.

  7. That and Australia being on the otherside of the world is the reason I won’t travel there

  8. If you think about it, everywhere is either on the same side of the world as the Earth is a sphere.

  9. I personally would love for them to go to Japan in FH6 but dump Suzuka in the middle and just recreate the surrounding areas. Mountain roads, large cities island hopping. Would be incredible.

  10. I'm sorry, but the area around Suzuka is quite boring. It's quite flat, with an extremely generic Japanese town.

  11. OP, have you been to the Nagasaki nuclear bomb memorial museum?

  12. No, they weren’t on sale at the same time. It’s main competition would be the Jaguar XJ220 or the Mclaren F1.

  13. Racist argument about black people doing a high percentage of the crimes despite being 13% of the US population

  14. Lmao why's it look like a bad kit car?

  15. Very cool, I’ll buy another one of these just for this livery

  16. The lack of attention given to that Cuda convertible in pic 3 is saddening

  17. Yeah, most older American cars I’ve seen outside of the US often are.

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