1. Lionel Messi, cristiano Ronaldo, Anderson Silva , Senna, Michael Shumacher, Simone biles, roger Federer so many greats

  2. My thoughts is that we should look at this like the start of another Cold War but with China. Small acts of aggression. First cyber warfare by injecting things like misinformation on Facebook, TikTok, and others. Buying up property to create inflation pressure on the economy, and now this to survey to land geographic. I’m not sure what’s in Montana but they wanted to see something from the pacific coast to there. The US trying to back Taiwan has now landed us in this predicament communism vs capitalism again. First to master AI will win this battle.

  3. The U.S. has backed Taiwan for 70 years. The cold war never paused or stopped with China, they're still technically communist after all.

  4. Who isn’t considered at this point ? Fuck it, toss it up to my Tio Julian he coaches little league

  5. This if multi ownership is banned orlegi def keeping Atlas and selling santos

  6. Now you’re obligated to make a Netflix documentary about it with that title

  7. Conflict of interest. The committee should never be ran by business man. They should have constructed this on ex players and coaches like Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Hugo Sánchez, la Volpe, etc. people who would actually know what the national team needs. But I get it they had to convince irarragorri to give up his multi ownership somehow and team up against grupo Pachuca

  8. Edson should’ve tried going to Newcastle instead he got baited by Chelsea into thinking they wanted him. So his mentality could suffer and then Chelsea would be able to buy him for cheap. But now it looks like Edwin’s best chance is to wait for a lower table team to ask for him like villa, wolves,brentford. Unless Ajax manages to go into the champions league I don’t see how Edson can showcase against bigger talents

  9. Definitely bad because it’s sets a precedent that you can have a mediocre career in Europe and still make millions. Which in turn make liga mx a lower level league. If a European fails to make it in the first division they get relegated to a lower league premier -> champions -> and so forth.

  10. You can’t, you just accept the side quest and learn Portuguese until season 2

  11. Every Argentinian I knew was nervous that their team had to go against Mexico. They said Mexico can sometimes play the game of their lives and sometimes they don’t. The inconsistency is what made them nervous

  12. Shit talk about Formula 1 and Baseball and combat sports and the topic changes.

  13. Formula 1 they have us beat. Juan Fangio won 4 world championships for Argentina and Mexico has had 0 world champions

  14. That’s fleeting at best, Perez will go down in Mexican history but not world history. Sorry but it’s the truth. Hoping that a Mexican driver does win the world championship though

  15. You should try to do image 2 image . Prompt for people or celebrities is hard because the training set isn’t as big for certain people

  16. They are in the gym, you can go to your teams social media and it will show them lifting weights and such but like anything if you don’t push yourself you don’t grow. Most soccer players just work out to maintain a level of physicality since all the running burns off muscle. The problem with Mexicans is that too often mediocrity is rewarded. As long as the team is winning or the team is making money the player and coaching staff have very little incentive to change.

  17. Aerobic exercise lasting more than 75 minutes will result in loss of muscle mass.

  18. If you’re getting blisters then yes your boot is causing them due to the room allowing your foot to slide back and forth. You can by sports tape and tape the hot spots and that should help a lot

  19. I honestly could care less. Playing for your country is a question of the heart. I don’t want players that are indecisive and just want the best team. I want players who will wear the shirt with weight, pride and passion. Regardless, FMF is really making it hard to instill these you g players with passion due to the amount of corruption and money laundering.

  20. That nutmeg on Casemiro should've guaranteed him more. Fucking bullshit that Dest got Barca and Milan when Lainez is a 10000% better. Fucking racist shit.

  21. Dest is also European so he doesn’t take a foreign spot. He also grew up in Ajax and had the full support of the club. lainez left america without support and when he got to Betis he had to use a visa. The reality is that Betis wanted more Spanish and South American players in their roster then Mexicans.

  22. What one bad coach can do to your career. That and not being adaptable enough to trust teammates with a pass or a run

  23. The thing is Tata was making all the decisions he had 100% control of the callups and rosters. At least to what we know, we can always speculate he knew he was going to be the scapegoat and just followed orders. However, the coach isn’t the problem. You need major restructuring of the whole system and it’s been a month now and no one has gotten fired from fmf, no club ownership changes have been made, no marketing contracts have been renegotiated or terminated. No television rights have been changed. So my thoughts are this. If you want change stop buying the shirts and merch. Stop attending the games in US. FMF needs to know that the US based Mexicans aren’t their piggy bank they can rely on when native Mexicans don’t want to support either.

  24. Copium take, it's possible significant changes have already been made without making a big stink.

  25. I think 4 years comes and goes faster than one might think also it’s more like 3 and 1/2. But the number of tournaments we have are limited. Ideally copa america, Asian cup or euros would be ideal. But that doesn’t take away that U23 will have less opportunities. No WC and no Olympics is a loss for development and exposure.

  26. Every time I see this clip I quietly ask myself: "How the fuck do people end up like that?"

  27. Pls no. Sign for America or Real Madrid.

  28. Those are some extremes lmao. But yea Real Madrid are all about having the best players and Raul is no where near the the best strikers.

  29. Not as extreme as you would think. America vs Real Madrid 2-2 while they usually blow La Liga teams 5-0

  30. Yea but I’m not talking about if they can compete against each other. But Real Madrid have a higher standard for their players and transfers. It’s different from saying you’re the best in liga mx and the best in all of Europe and maybe the world.

  31. Nostalgia to when we actually produced good players

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