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Flagler County Sheriffs tried their hand at intimidating a citizen who wasn't breaking the law. Unfortunately, these sheriffs picked on the wrong one.

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  1. Considering Matheson didn't even complain I'm pretty certain he also disagrees with you and knows he just lost an edge. Watch some better replays, it's clear as day.

  2. Lenny was noticeably out playing him until injury. White had 3 bad quarters and then a great 4th against a tired Seattle D after Lenny went out.

  3. Shhh that doesn’t fit the Reddit narrative

  4. White has a great future ahead of him and I think next year he will take over, but Brady trusts Fournette and I don't see that changing this season. Plus Lenny looks good.

  5. We're you playing a par 3 course? Still seems ludicrously unbelievable

  6. It's definitely doable in a 4 person scramble with good players. Get a guy or two who can bomb it 300+ and you have a fantastic shot at a birdie every single hole.

  7. Sure. But I wouldn't believe anyone who told me they did it. Not necessarily by choice either. I hear the story and my brain goes "nah, not possible" lol

  8. Haha that's fair enough! It does seem absurd at first glance, and would be impossible for most golfers.

  9. I think it might be fake but the amount of people arguing about it so funny, because any other person, it would definitely be seen as fake, but you gotta give the benefit of the doubt haha

  10. Information that would have been useful YESTERDAY!

  11. This makes no sense. By the sounds of it you would have benched him if this news came out before the game and then missed out on a big day.

  12. Starting him in the playoffs, I'm going down with my second rounder

  13. In full ppr my best guess in no particular order would be Ekeler, CMC, Diggs and Jefferson for sure...5th is a lot more open but maybe Henry or Barkley.

  14. I tend to favor this as well. I like the argument for making teams more invested throughout the whole season though

  15. As someone who has done both, it's a lot more fun having last place decided in playoffs.

  16. Also first thing I noticed. And I don't have a kid

  17. Was just bugging you haha. In all seriousness, if you look closely he puts his left hand around his other daughter so that's why.

  18. Because people think it’s more fun to rage about the lady being mean and laugh about how drunk Derek is instead of actually thinking about what they just watched and realizing how staged it is

  19. Or people don't give a rats ass if it's fake...they still find it funny. You know, just like how I can watch a comedy show (which is scripted FYI) and have a good laugh.

  20. If you’re too stupid to realize the difference between an episode of Friends and a moment that relies on being candid as the entire point? Not much I can do about that

  21. So you know how when you watch movies and know they are fake you just go with it and enjoy what's being shown to you? Ya, it's the same for this.

  22. I hope Fournette plays and gets exactly half the work just for the chaos

  23. This is my first year doing fantasy since 2013 so I didn't have much say..

  24. That's horrible. Having playoffs when there are byes or strong chance star players sit (week 18) just ruins the league.

  25. Is there somewhere to find serious leagues with people I don't know?

  26. I do know there are leagues you can find on Yahoo that have buy ins. I've never needed to do it though, but if you google it you should find some answers!

  27. shocked he even got to the Ring of Honour, after the way he left the team. Aquilini does not forget

  28. Give me a break dude. I don't think he should have his jersey raised, but if you can't put the greatest goalie in Canucks history in the ring of honour then the RoH is pointless.

  29. Definitely snubbed for a Vezina... But the guy played 5/6 of his first years in Florida, and then his final 6 years in Florida. That's where his heart truly is.

  30. Idk tho hamstring injuries easily have setbacks

  31. Of course. But we can't predict that. So barring a setback yes, he will almost certainly play.

  32. Lol no kidding. People get in this "reddit bubble" and assume the rage constantly pushed on this site represents the general public. It doesn't.

  33. At least when I looked at the post for the trailer, I had to go halfway down the page before I saw a post bitching about Chris Pratt, so it didn't seem that the uproar was all that significant to me.

  34. This is reddit. All people do is complain and blow minor things up into major deals.

  35. I have both, so I'm aware. Lenny caught a lot of passes earlier in the season but has <4 catches in 3 of his last 4 games while White was touted as one of the best pass catching backs in this year's draft. Would expect the Bucs to lean into that and make Lenny more of the bruiser/goal line guy

  36. Why? It's just a bit of fun, and obviously not a replacement to normal dinners.

  37. Exactly. It's just something different to try that maybe the kids would think is cool. Not sure why everyone needs to be so outraged by it...

  38. ACAB is not a recent movement, and it's not suddenly taking off exponentially. People have had ACAB tattoos since at least the 80's, and I know that because that's when I remember personally seeing them.

  39. All cops are bad because they willingly participate in an unjust and oppressive system of corrupt policing. Any good cop would expose corruption and hold their coworkers accountable for their misdeeds, but any cop that does that is typically punished and forced out.

  40. Im sticking with Pollard for the big play potential. Hes still getting 15+ touches. Zeke is more TD dependent.

  41. But to be fair, Zeke has scored a td in all 4 games he's played in since Dak came back. 6 total tds in that period.

  42. Hopefully you get banned for this comment. We don't need people like you in this community.

  43. As someone who is 5-7 with 2nd in points scored and 1st in points against, that "extra game against the median score" rule sure is looking nice right now.

  44. I consider several Workaholics seasons to be truly great as well but that’s just my opinions

  45. Agreed. It got worse towards the end but when the show is at it's best it's gold.

  46. Is Demarcus Robinson a play here or am I tripping?

  47. Why is South Park so low. It's way better than so many shows. Simpsons better than South Park? No way

  48. It depends how you interpret the question. If it's best, meaning most impactful or greatest influence, Simpsons hands down.

  49. He'll do great Sunday without Lenny. But those people claiming he has looked significantly better than Fournette are straight up wrong.

  50. I have him and am so grateful because Mixon is out but I can't hype myself up to him doing "great" against CLE. Unless their run D is worse than I think, as I haven't caught many of their games.

  51. Their run D has been horrible. In my half ppr league they are the 2nd most favorable matchup for rb's this year.

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