1. East Ramp Wood Fired Pizza by the airport. Great food and beer/wine.

  2. Awesome picture. My KLR will drive the Dalton Highway one of these days. What tires do you have on yours?

  3. Thanks. I recently replaced the OEM tires with Dunlop Trailmax Missions. The Dalton Highway is on my list, too. Along with Top of the World Highway (which I've driven twice) and the Denali Highway (which I've ridden on a mountain bike). This is my first motorcycle, so I'm enjoying having a new way to see favorite places.

  4. How are the new tires holding up? I will have to replace OEM as well before start of next season. 3100 miles and rear tire is almost bald in the middle.

  5. Tusk. Affordable and damn near indestructible.

  6. If you like being active, like running or biking, and don’t mind cold, the. Make sure to read up on the biking, walking, and skiing trails in Anchorage. They are extensive.

  7. I'm a fat-biker in Anchorage and consider this town the fat bike capital of the world. I literally don't know of another city anywhere with a better trail system for riding in winter.

  8. That's a fine set up on firm, packed snow and ice. But when it snows while you're at work, a touring bike will leave you slogging through the slop. After 26 years of riding in Anchorage on various bikes -- including winter commuting -- I consider a fat bike with studded tires to be the ultimate option for winter bike commuting. It may be a little slower, but it's far more versatile. Bonus, it doesn't chew up trails and ruin the riding for other people. Skinny tires wreak havoc on softer trails.

  9. This ad has been bouncing around the interwebs for a few years, and it's a hilarious classic. Accurate, too. The first car I ever bought brand new was a 1989 Corolla. Never did anything but change the oil, tires and battery. I drove it it Arizona's summer heat, and later depended on it for daily use in Northern New Mexico. Then I moved to Alaska in it. Hauled my wife at the time, and our two small kids with everything we would need for six weeks until the rest of our stuff arrived. Never doubted it would get us up here.

  10. Gen 3, over 2,000 miles, no plan to replace it, based on consultation with mechanics at my dealership and emails with Kawasaki. The problem was fixed years ago. I’ll re-tension the spring at each annual oil change. Kawasaki didn’t make the KLR650 known for reliability by pumping out faulty products.

  11. At 2000 miles on a brand new bike you are probably ready for an oil change.

  12. We’ll, yeah. Doesn’t everyone do it at 600 miles? I did.

  13. This is never funny. People lose nuts over even light hits to the testicles. Happened to a buddy in my high school. Swelled up like a grapefruit and had to be removed.

  14. I’ve told my guy friends I don’t buy into this juvenile bullshit. Anyone ever intentionally hits me in the nuts, I will recover, kick his ass, and then never associate with him again.

  15. The red MAGA hat always tips me off.

  16. Supply and demand. It’s a college town that needs more affordable housing. My daughter just moved to Fairbanks for grad school and had to work hard to find a tolerable, affordable rental with running water. Tons of people in the area live in dry cabins and see it as a “rite of passage.” I call that bullshit. Running water and flush toilets aren’t excessive luxuries. But even dry cabins aren’t cheap.

  17. Wow. Who knew that being a gold-digging attention whore might involve some dirty work?

  18. I’m 240 lbs and have had no problems. My telescoping seatpost doesn’t slip. Bromptons have a reputation for being overbuilt, so I feel I’m still in a safe zone.

  19. Tape a $20 bill to it and leave it on the street.

  20. I'm all for Amber Alerts (I quickly shared this one on my Facebook feed for those who might not have recieved it) but, from news reports, it doesn't sound like the alert is the reason he was caught. He was driving erratically and someone reported him as a dangerous driver. It sounds like that's the reason police pursued him, at least initially. Either way, I'm glad he's behind bars and I hope the young woman will be OK.

  21. First, don't come without a job. And get the best-paying job you can. Remember that some of the higher cost is offset by the (insane and unsustainable) lack of a state income tax. And be careful about paying rent. I live in Anchorage, and you can make a house payment here for the cost of a rent payment, so it's a fiscally bad move to not purchase a home. Yes, I know prices are high and it seems daunting, but renters end up paying off houses for other people and end up with no equity.

  22. I shut it with a drone. Those things don’t like water, so I had to get some shots during the only spell (about an hour) of rain-free weather.

  23. What it means is that the Fattystripper will bind to the bead of your tire and will be destroyed when you remove the tire from the wheel. As a bonus, lots of rubber will be left on your tire bead, making it hard to get a good seal in the future.

  24. Did you hear that Norway is putting bar codes on the hulls of all their warships?

  25. Two morons are robbing a liquor store when one of them picks up a bottle and asks, "Is this whiskey?"

  26. I have seen him in person. I think his head is swollen because it's full of pus.

  27. All I know is that I paddled a kayak across the lake to the mouth of the creek a couple of years ago, and the water surface erupted with splashes when I startled a huge school of salmon. I didn’t ask if they were silvers. I respected their privacy.

  28. What kind of mountain bike they own.

  29. The conventional bicycle is an engineering marvel. It carries many times its own weight and transports you more efficiently than you can walk. Adding a motor to it is an aesthetic abomination and reflects the ongoing trend of humans always seeking the laziest possible approach to everything. Additionally, motorizing the sport of mountain biking will be used by critics to get bikes banned from trails after decades of advocacy to increase our access.

  30. Sometimes they're above ground, which is easier to deal with. Home heating oil is essentially a heavier version of diesel. So yeah, pretty toxic stuff if it gets abandoned and later leaks from decaying tanks and seeps into groundwater.

  31. Sadly, this has long been a common problem with western ranchers (many of whom graze their livestock on federal lands) when predator species are reintroduced. They HATED efforts to repopulate Yellowstone National Park with wolves, so "shoot, shovel and shut up" became their approach to dealing with wolves that wondered outside park boundaries. Sadder still that they use this approach even though there are provisions for reimbursing them for any lost calves, sheep, etc.

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