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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.


I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

*Lowers face into palm*

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

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  1. Goddammit that reminds me I need to submit my damn record and start my claim!

  2. Yeah adding a cheek rest is going to say to the alphabet boyz that this is only intended to be shouldered

  3. Some people dont get jokes, also if you arent in the service you cant make fun of any service its like an un written rule.

  4. Can confirm. I was in the Coast Guard, I get roasted daily by my fellow veteran coworkers, but let somebody else who isn't a veteran say something to me about my branch in front of them, they're quick to neutralize. Lmao.

  5. Suppressors affect velocity by maybe 20-50 FPS. Biggest change in velocity would be the type of rifling used. Companies like Noveske and black hole weaponry use polygonal rifling which boosts the velocity pretty significantly.

  6. If he didn't want t run, he would say so. He would say the kids are too young, or something. It is way too early to be doing this and he will choose his time to do it, not Trump.

  7. This is like the most logical analysis. I truly believe he will run.

  8. But for 50/200 it’s like 3.5” total vertical deviation all the way out to 200 yards. Then it’s just holdover that works with most BDC reticles.

  9. I wish I could understand completely what you just said in this comment. I'm trying to better understand ballistics in relation to optics and shooting.

  10. So basically, the dot is ~3” over the barrel. At 50 meters and below, the barrel is launching the bullet upward. It will intersect at the point of aim/impact at 50m. And then it will “peak” at 100m about 4” above the dot if you keep the same POA. And then it’ll drop down back to the POA/POI at 200m. And then continue to fall, like 6-24” going out to 600m.

  11. I more or less understand now, took a few times to read and understand, thank you for explaining it to me. I would like to know what a holdover is? I’m gonna assume it has something to do with follow up shots? Forgive my ignorance, I feel like I should know more about this subject.

  12. I've been here since '97 and made it my home. What they are doing breaks my heart.

  13. So why not stay and fight for the state you love? Soon enough, there won't be many places to tuck tail and run away to.

  14. Outnumbered and "represented" by Democrats. There's nothing left of what I loved to fight for.

  15. I mean if you took that as “judgmental” then maybe there is a bit of internal conviction on your part for wanting to leave.. I was being 100% serious. Stay and fight.

  16. Looks like a Texas neighborhood. Beautiful truck!

  17. Care to elaborate on that? I'm actually curious as I don't know much about the company.

  18. I’d say the M4E1 is the best deal if you’re only looking to snag one, given that it’s a modern design, up for grabs at a significantly lower price. All three together would still be a good deal.

  19. Not to sound like Captain Buzzkill, but I think eventually gun owners are going to have to stop abiding by unconstitutional gun laws, AKA all of them. Its clear after seeing how gun grabbers, like NY State, reacted to the recent SCOTUS ruling by doubling down on gun control, that they will never stop and don't care about what's constitutional at all. If they don't care about what's constitutional, why should we care about their unconstitutional gun laws?

  20. Felony convictions also do not care about constitutional/unconstitutional laws. I agree with your take, but it's a bit hard to fight for your gun rights if you have them taken away.

  21. Excuse my potentially stupid question, but.... Why would a lawyer, doctor, or teacher get an instant approval but Joe Bob who works at the car shop down the street wait potentially weeks? Sounds very unconstitutional and discriminatory to me

  22. It's almost as if somebody should challenge this in a court of law. Good ol' lawsuit some might call it.

  23. It adds such a large signature that even a non gun person would immediately think I had a firearm. It's a comically huge bulge that could only be a gun.

  24. You grossly overestimate the ability of non-carriers to detect the presence of a firearm in your pants. The ones that care, don't know. The ones that know, don't care.

  25. Call the FBI, airport employees, TSA, and police are morons. The ATF does NOT (inherently) investigate stolen firearms, the FBI does, but it wouldn't hurt to try them too

  26. Where tf did you get that info from? The ATF 100% investigates stolen or lost firearms.

  27. So, contact ATF, and FBI. Send emails to American Airlines to get a papertrail. Include flight numbers and baggage tag numbers in the email. Do not take fucking no for an answer. Make it clear that you will be taking them to small claims court in the state of Texas until they cough up the money. ***CHECK THE FUCKING LINK***. I have been through it with American Airlines.

  28. How surely is it that they would pay up or that any result at all would come from suing in small claims court? genuine question by the way.

  29. Lol at all the leftist trolls in the comments.

  30. Not leftists, just folks who have come to terms with reality.

  31. Best idea, give trump his second term and give Desantis son exp as VP, to get the nom and win in 2028,

  32. How about no? Trump needs to go away, DeSantis has more than enough experience, he doesn't need his hand held by Trump.

  33. I’m sure they’d take care of you. But I’d rather pay the extra $20ish and buy AERO and not have to fuck around with the FFL’s sending it back then going back to the FFL to resign for a new lower and go through another background check that always takes them 3 days to clear for me.

  34. Aero has been known to have quite a bit of QC issues as well, more notably with there BCG’s.

  35. I was giving reference to another known QC issue, it was more or less an example. Definitely something of relevance.

  36. Primary Arms? What series and how do you like it?

  37. Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to be a gangster run an Arisaka.

  38. Playing airsoft in Hong Kong convinced me that side plates are worthwhile lol.

  39. Interesting, what brought you to do that in Hong Kong? of all places?

  40. I'd say it's a solid method of understanding some tactical basics, learning good muzzle control around team members, especially in close quarters. It also sheds light to bad habits, poor communication, and narrow observation during operations, in regard to operating as a team.

  41. Move to Tennessee or Texas ;) enjoy your freedom with guns and cars.

  42. Scratch Texas. Not as free of a state as people like to believe.

  43. I used to love Bullet Hole but it’s been nothing but bad stories from there for like the last two years or something! I’m so bummed by that because i really like their private bays.

  44. I go to Bullet Hole often, haven't had any significantly bad experiences so far. Could you share some of these bad stories perhaps?

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