1. Hey, I'm sorry that happened. Therapy is a good idea. Since there isn't much of a story of what happened I can't really think of a reason why she'd just block you instead of trying to talk it out. But hopefully she's using this time to calm down and eventually be willing to have a conversation with you. If not then you'll just have to move on. Relationships are hard, romantic or platonic, shit happens. We're here for u man

  2. I understand you're drained and support your decision to leave but ghosting her would be a shit move. Yes protect yourself, but please at least give her an explanation after you've got the stuff moved out. I think she might need to get out of the relationship as well to help her really focus on herself and her own mental health, and having you leave without closure definatly won't help.

  3. OP I hope you're doing alright, so sorry that happened to you. Like most of the comments said please get help and don't put the blame on yourself, you're a victim, it's not your fault. We are here for you

  4. Since you recognize the poor circumstances and moderately inappropriate nature of the crush I think it's an ok infatuation. Doesn't sound like anything to feel like an awful person over, sometimes we feel attraction and chemistry in unfortunate settings or for people that aren't a reasonable choice of partner. In your case things might not stay unreasonable for you two forever, but it's also not like you're in a position to go making plans for acquiring him later. And you know that, so try to remember that attraction is inherently a bit creepy and weird. You're not actually being creepy and weird.

  5. Yeah that makes sence, I have no intentions or plans for anything in the future, and I am seeing people from dating apps so hopefully these feelings will come to an end. It's really weird bc I'm generally attracted to people older than me, this situation after all just seems stupid and I just want to be over it.

  6. Maybe not, just trying to do the right thing here mate

  7. Your feelings are totally valid and it's normal to feel upset about it, but your value definitely doesn't depend on whether you can make a baby or not. If you do want a child/children in the future, I'm sure there will be ways around it. Hope you feel better soon op!

  8. Tell whoevers next to me all my trauma and repeat them until they get sick of it

  9. The name Bruce will be extinct in 20 years

  10. Don't think my dad's gonna die by then so maybe a little longer

  11. I've woken up to my dad fully eating my mum out right next to me when I was little. No matter what you say it really is just traumatizing and weird...

  12. Pool. I love playing pool but would like some serious practice without having to constantly worry about rubbing off my nip with the pole/stick.

  13. WHERE ARE YOU FROM???(in the context that I've not mentioned that I MOVED to Australia) Dude like why dose it matter I been here a quater of my life now and is now my home

  14. You're such a nice person. Though I wouldn't be too forceful with the helping, if she seems comfortable when you talk to her about it then yes keep doing your best to help. But if she just feels bad about it and feels bad about herself after that then I'd say she needs someone who isn't as close to her or even someone professional to help her rather than just her collage roommate. Just make her feel comfortable is key I think. Cause you live together and who wants to be on edge at home.

  15. It wouldn't take 16 years to finish school

  16. Trust issues. Being distanced from people really helped me avoid some real sticky situations I think.

  17. Pretty much any crunchy food. Corn chips, sour dough, nuts etc. I like my food soggy I literally boil my broccoli until I can cut it with a spoon

  18. No thank you, I don't like crying 80% of the water out of my body every now and then

  19. Zootopia everything just makes me feel alive in that movie. Moving to a new city alone, getting a new job and learning from a bunch of new experience. The world isn't perfect and things don't always go your way, but they get better if you keep trying.

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