1. Yet they're still going to ban other types accounts, at random for no reason at all, like foot fetish ones even when we comply completely with their community guidelines...

  2. They are very picture worthy but the camera and lighting isn't doing them and you proper justice at all.

  3. Crossed soles are my jam. If I see a pair propped up on a desk, wearing jeans and a look that says "that's right, you know I'm fucking hot" would make my jaw hit the floor.

  4. Toes make it or break it, bad toes ruin the rest no matter how amazing the soles/arches are. I can live with bad arches if the rest is okay, especially with great toes.

  5. I think it's because of the curves, just like how a lot of guys love breasts and booty, curves

  6. There's more than an insignificant amount of us that do. Surprisingly enough a lot tickle kinksters (though certainly not all) have a foot fetish that goes along with their tickle fetish. Though I'd say on the other side the ratio of foot fetishists with a tickle kink is a lot lower.

  7. I've never heard any of this. Yes, more than an insignificant amount of people who don't have the fetish will find it weird. But wishing death? Comparing to pedophiles? Never.

  8. Missing Alyssa Ford (alyssaford_is_still_here on IG), known her for years and is magnificent

  9. My Snapchat account is Xaviergoodw2022 add me please And tell me when you added me.

  10. I do like them if tasteful and just one or two. Mostly or completely covered is a huge turn off.

  11. I want to take you on a wild ride that you can't control that only stops when your mind turns to mush. Preferably doing it through your feet and providing lots of aftercare.

  12. I have a tickle fetish along with my foot fetish so I am typically dominant, so I'm pretty much into all of that.

  13. Absolutely adorable, thank you for sharing something beautiful of yourself!

  14. It really just comes down to communication, have you asked her why she doesn't? How important is your fetish to you? Talking to her about what it means to you may get her more interested in it.

  15. Oh my Lord is it really you? I haven't heard from you in over two years!

  16. It's from a not well regarded movie she did many moons ago called Crossroads... I remember this scene quite vividly as I watched it on many occasions back in high school, you can guess why.

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